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    Hello heatwave

    Happy Monday sasspots, or shall I say heatpots?

    If you’re in the UK right now I want you to know I feel your pain. I am currently eating my 3rd Mr Freeze of the day, actually, make that 4th.

    No Shame

    You’re just jealous you didn’t think about it first.


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    Beauty essentials for camping/festival season

    Ahh Summer, the one time a year every girl wishes they had naturally airbrushed skin, a few freckles and that natural glow that almost makes you look like you are made out of gold.

    Lols as if.

    Right now I am pale AF and my facial skin has decided it was time I got a little reminder of life 15 years ago when I was at the peak of puberty, also known as the Pizza era.

    To top it all off it’s also camping season – that’s festival season for all you cool kids and for semi-high maintenance girls like me, yes semi-high is a word, it’s kind of a nightmare. Look at this as your Glastonbury guide to looking amazing. Your’re welcome!

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    The best healthy burger you’ll ever try

    Ill be the first to admit my food photography isn’t great, so you’re basically gonna get like 2 pics from the same angle but I’m sure you will live.

    ANYWHOOOOOOO – I wanted to share with you my new obsession in life, these epic sweet potato turkey burgers. Because sweet potato good! Turkey good! Burgers good!

    and everything else that goes into it, GOOD!

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    Hola June

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my post yesterday. Been thinking a lot about not posting a June goals list like planned and how in hindsight, that was probably my biggest mistake. So I’m posting it today instead because life needs to continue like normal if we are going to show that we are not scared and fight back. 

    So here it goes 🙂 

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    Hey June, don’t make it bad.

    Take a sad song and make it better…

    Today I am struggling to find my words so this post may seem a bit odd to you because it feels a bit odd to me.

    I originally wrote this post a few days ago, planning for it to go live today but it feels a little ridiculous now. Insulting in a way, writing my goals for June. The word pointless even comes to mind.

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    90’s flashback

    Wanna know what I love most about bank holiday weekends? It’s that the following week is only a 4 day week. I mean hello winning! Soz boss.

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    Guys you know I am a sucker for all things that will make my eyelashes look like something out of a cartoon. I can’t help it, I am obsessed with long thick lashes. When I was younger I spent a lot of my money on lash extensions, some ruined my lashes, some didn’t but it certainly made me addicted to big bold lashes.  Continue reading

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    Spring Cleaning

    I’m not gonna lie, landing in London realizing there is a heatwave going on was not a bad surprise. Having just left Norway and have been super lucky with the weather, I was all too happy continuing on my bare leg trend. Every woman has one part of their body they are proud of and to me, it’s my legs. I honestly think I have a cracking pair of pins and I love showing them off just a little bit tanner. Sue me.

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    Prints for the room

    We are coming up a year since we moved into our current pad. Although the I have pretty much kitted the living room out in rose gold, (No like seriously it looks like rose gold came and threw up on our living room) I have pretty much neglected our bedroom. But now I am thinking its time get things sorted.

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    Hey World!

    May Goals 2.0

    This month I want to share with you a little different monthly goals list because it’s funny how much life can change in a year. The timing of it is kinda perfect too, as this week is mental health awareness week.

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