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    Beauty essentials for camping/festival season

    Ahh Summer, the one time a year every girl wishes they had naturally airbrushed skin, a few freckles and that natural glow that almost makes you look like you are made out of gold.

    Lols as if.

    Right now I am pale AF and my facial skin has decided it was time I got a little reminder of life 15 years ago when I was at the peak of puberty, also known as the Pizza era.

    To top it all off it’s also camping season – that’s festival season for all you cool kids and for semi-high maintenance girls like me, yes semi-high is a word, it’s kind of a nightmare. Look at this as your Glastonbury guide to looking amazing. Your’re welcome!

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    Another weekend another camping trip

    Guys, when did it get so cold? I swear I was in a t-shirt and shorts this weekend, and today, today all I have been thinking about is my wooly scarf. Granted it’s a very nice wooly scarf but like its a bit early no? I mean we aren’t even in October yet! And while we are on the subject of early, what is with all the Christmas stuff?! PEOPLE ITS STILL SEPTEMBER… I dont need to see this shit yet, I still got Halloween and thanksgiving to get through before I even start to think about how I am gonna decorate the pad for xmas and what I am gonna replace last years fudge with…Ok rant over.  back when it was still summer and you know, actually warm… The Boyf and I decided to pack up our stuff and drive down to coast for a little R&R and fresh air.  I realized though that I haven’t shared the few pictures I took with you guys and ya’ll know how I love to share! Since you probably can’t tell where this is, the pictures are taken in Rye and Hastings, where I got sunburned. Yes its true, I got sunburned, in England. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. England is a beautiful country, the coast especially. As we walked along the beach, it was hard to imagine why anybody would want to spend their summers abroad.

    This is also my way of masking the fact that Im feeling blubby (that means fat) AF and don’t wanna take any outfit pics, and that I am waiting for new backdrops to arrive for my product photography so just bare with me ok!?! PLEEEEEEEASE…. Thanks babes!

    Anywho – enjoy the pics and hopefully they remind you of your summer in the sun 🙂

    IMG_8000 IMG_7975 IMG_7964 IMG_7962 IMG_7955 IMG_7948 IMG_7934 IMG_7933 IMG_7890 IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7887 IMG_7884 IMG_7892 IMG_7878 IMG_7873 IMG_7864 IMG_7867 IMG_7868 IMG_7855 IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7858 IMG_7850 IMG_7852 IMG_7833 IMG_7831 IMG_7823

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    City Girl in the countryside

    Boys and Girls, this might come as a shock to a lot of you but I absolutely love camping. Well ok love is a strong word, but I like really enjoy it. Ok ok, Im not a HUGE fan of the whole sharing a toilet and shower with strangers thing. There is also the no electricity thing, and you know, sleeping on an air mattress, but besides that, it’s great! And not gonna lie, I love an adventure 🙂

    The boyfriend and I started going last summer, in a desperate attempt to squeeze a cheap vacation into our budget and get some quality time together that wasn’t based around work, gym and when our housemates were out of town. Last year we ventured down to Devon, twice. It was the first time I had ever been to the south coast England. (Besides a quick day trip Brighton once when the family was visiting and I think the brothers were 7 and 5.) Rather embarrassing considering for how long I have been living in England for. Dont count the years, Im not.

    My god though, the english seaside is absolutely fabulous. Seriously, why do people travel abroad when you have such beautiful beaches in this country?! I really regret not bringing my camera last year but you can find a couple of snaps on my Instagram. In an attempt to learn from my mistakes, I made it my mission to bring my camera this time… which was great besides the fact that it was pretty grey and rainy for most of our trip.. sorry guys!

    Our first trip this year went to a little village in Suffolk near the coast, called Shottisham. The campsite cost us £15 a night, and was situated within walking distance to a good old fashion country pub. (Great for those of us who just HAD to watch the football…). We went for drives to award-winning bakeries (Check out Pump Street bakery in Otford) long walks in huge wheat fields, fished on pebble beaches (one of them had a dead smelly seal on it, which was so sad) and drowned our tent in heavy rain fall. 98% of the houses were painted pink, and every garden was filled with gorgeous flowers. It was like walking around in movie, or on a pinterest board. Incredible for inspiration, and great when you need some peace of mind. One of the days, we spent the entire day at the beach, mostly in silence just enjoying the little sunshine that was there, while the boyfriend fished. It was such a rare moment where it was just us and we were both in this perfect place. As a bonus I also got heavily sunburned on my back, and now have a tan that will hopefully last the rest of the year. *fingerscrossed* (also kids, skin cancer is no joke. Dont be stupid, wear sunscreen!)

    Im still working on getting the boyfriend to take outfit pics of me, so for now all you get is pictures of anything green and colorful. That is me avoiding anything grey that could remotely remind me of London.


    IMG_7233IMG_7232  IMG_7227 IMG_7228 IMG_7236 IMG_7229


    IMG_7291IMG_7242 IMG_7230 IMG_7243 IMG_7244 IMG_7248 IMG_7250 IMG_7261 IMG_7260 IMG_7256 IMG_7255

    IMG_7272IMG_7252 IMG_7266 IMG_7258 IMG_7283 IMG_7273

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