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    Giant Marshmallow

    ITS ALMOST THE WEEEKEND!!! Im so excited! Im also really excited about this being my first fashion post! (its  a little scary!) I dont know about you but January is really slugging along. It doesn’t help that  our washing machine broke this week. On the other hand, it did give me a great excuse to go shopping.. not that I needed one! I got my entire outfit for £40, a bargain if you ask me. I still cant decide if this sweater makes me look like a giant marshmallow though.. If youre wondering my jeans are from H&M, and my fluffy jumper is from ASOS. (There are some links at the bottom of the post – you’re welcome) Im spending my weekend with friends and cleaning the house. Im not so excited about the last one… What are you weekend plans?

    IMG_5459 copy


    IMG_5461 copy1 2016-01-14 15.07.10 2016-01-14 15.11.06

    You can buy my  bag here, jeans here, sunnies here and scarf here


    Cant stop laughing

    My friend Caroline posted this on her blog a few days ago and I just have to share it. Its so funny. You should read her blog btw 🙂 You can find it here 


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    11 of 366

    Ok, time to face the music and be honest. I dont know if Im gonna make it 100 days without suger. I might turn into a date due to over consumption in an attempt to kick the craving. It doesn’t help that there is candy basically everywhere I turn… Help me. Im proud to say I haven’t touched anything in 11 days (though it feels 11 years). I mean 100 days is a really long time.. and I have 89 left…89 days of hell and its my birthday during those 89 days. I cant even have cake for birthday. I need to re think this. I think I went into it a bit hasty.

    So I apologize for the radio silence. I’ve been in hiding and trying to get my post christmas life back on track and by that I mean bing watch new shows on Netflix. Enter Nurse Jackie and Making a murderer. Unless you have been living under a rock you might have missed the documentary by Netflix called Making a murderer – The case of  Steven Avery. The boyfriend and I are only a few episodes in so no spoilers please but I highly recommend it. Its very interesting and gives you a view on what I personally think is one of the most corrupt legal and justice system in the world.

    2016-01-03 14.17.51

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    Hump day

    Happy humpday! And before you get any dirty ideas, its the day that marks the middle of the week. The hump of the week. Hump Day. How are your sugar cravings coming along? Im on day 6 and I no longer have any headaches! (Although it does turn out my headaches might have been caused by using the wrong contact lenses)

    Anyway – As I mentioned before Im slightly obsessed with my facial skin. Like nothing beats a good facial cleansing routine (although Im still working on making it a routine). My mother installed from an early age how important it is to moisturize my face, and especially under my eyes so since like the age of 16 I have been using under eye creams. Some call it being vain, some call it being smart. I call it being cleaver. I still get asked for ID and Im late 20s. My beauty favorites span from some really expensive shit that makes my face smell like a bed of flowers and really cheap shit that makes me save money.

    These are currently my favorites.

    2015-12-29 19.48.06

    I tried Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate for the first time a few years ago and I have been in love ever since. What so great about Kiehls is that if you are not 100% happy with your product and how its worked with your skin you can actually take it back, even though its almost empty and get your money back. How amazing is that? That just shows how much faith Kiehl’s have in their product. Another great thing is that a little goes a long way, so even though its a bit pricey it lasts forever. For me at least.

    When they launched the Midnight Recovery Eye cream I jumped on it. Its amazing, so amazing that when I combined it with Benefits Its Potent! eye cream in the evening before bed I had to look twice in the mirror the next morning. I just couldnt believe the change! (just thought Id mention, no eye cream will remove dark circles that caused due to genetics, it will however help reduce appearance of dark circles that are caused by diet/sleep/non genetic factors, so people, dont expect a tiny eye cream to remove something that yo momma gave you) 2015-12-29 19.50.16

    Another new favourite, which I picked up on offer from Boots for a wooping £9 (and has lasted since October, used twice a day!) is  Nip+Fab plumping serum. I have one really bad wrinkle (my mom calls it the angry wrinkle) because its just were I frown when Im angry. I use this on the wrinkle and also around my lips for the Kylie Jenner look  before I put on foundation to hide the wrinkle slightly, plumping it up if you will.

    My last skincare favourite is Chanel Hydra Max gel cream. I was given a sample of this cream when I was in Miami a few years ago. The beautician was applying my makeup and said “you have very dry skin, you should try this” – and here is me thinking my breakouts were due to oily skin! Since then I have realised just how dry my skin is so I have moved to the Chanel Hydra Max cream for dry skin and I love it. I dont love the price so much, so sometimes I mix it up with the new body shop range OILS OF LIFE™ INTENSELY REVITALISING CREAM.

    What are your favourite beauty products? Im always open to hear about new ones to try out!

    2015-12-29 19.50.49




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    4 of 366

    Good morning lovelies! Believe it or not Im writing this from Bergen Airport, while waiting for my flight back to London town. Have I mentioned how quick these past two weeks have gone? Im so sad to leave, but also rather excited about seeing the boyfriend again! I dont know if I have told you this, but for some ridiculous reason January has become my ‘can do’ month. Ive given up booze, no I’m not joking and I have given up white and refined sugar. I think the latter is probably worse. Im on day 4 now, and I have woken up with a headache. You know what the bad part is? Ive even cheated! I know what you’re thinking “Come on, pull yourself together – its only for a couple of weeks.” You know what I say to you? Have you ever tried chocolate and also, its for 100 days. Yup you read right, I am giving up sugar for 100 days. Im sorry boyfriend, and Im sorry housemates, unleash the Yasmkrakine! In all seriousness, I think it will be wonderful for my body. You can follow me, and all the other doody heads that have decided to join me on this ludicrous journey on instagram under the hashtag #100dagerschallenge (its a norwegian hashtag)

    Here is me enjoying my last sugary ice coffee… You cant see it but im crying on the inside. On a side note – look how long my hair is now!

    2016-01-02 16.56.19



    Sunday stroll

    I cant believe this is my last day here. I can’t believe I have been here for 2 weeks and that I have to go back to work on Tuesday. Im not ready for this. I wasnt prepared. Can we start again? I also cant believe how beautiful the weather is today. The sun has been shining and its such a clear day. We went for a family stroll as a last family outing before I leave. My brother finally let me post a picture of him. Like seriously – look at that face! If he doesn’t grow up to be a model the world is blind.

    2016-01-03 16.06.07-1 2016-01-03 15.15.56 2016-01-03 15.24.57 2016-01-03 15.28.47 2016-01-03 15.28.41  2016-01-03 15.50.27 2016-01-03 15.46.50

    2016-01-03 16.23.22  2016-01-03 15.24.57 2016-01-03 15.15.56 2016-01-03 16.23.43

    2016-01-03 15.02.20 2016-01-03 16.02.29 2016-01-03 16.02.36 2016-01-03 15.53.05


    Hello you

    Welcome to my first blog post of 2016. Im going to assume you’re hanging like crazy. I can tell you that even though I went to bed at 6am this morning and for some stupid reason woke up at 10.30, I am not hungover. Sorry not sorry. I am however incredibly tired and pretty sure Im gonna pass out at any moment. We had such a fun night though with some amazing food and some hilarious board games! Sometimes you dont need to be surrounded by a huge group of people. Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by the right people. Happy 2016. I hope yours started with a bang.

    2016-01-01 05.26.09 2016-01-01 05.25.26-1 2016-01-01 05.23.59 2016-01-01 05.23.40  2016-01-01 05.23.19 2016-01-01 05.21.45 2016-01-01 01.54.42 2016-01-01 01.52.57 2016-01-01 01.51.04 2016-01-01 01.48.53 2016-01-01 01.44.20 2016-01-01 01.44.09 2016-01-01 01.02.31 2016-01-01 01.00.16 2016-01-01 00.59.31 2016-01-01 00.58.25  2015-12-31 20.40.54 2015-12-31 20.40.19




    2 0 1 6

    Im going to be perfectly honest here people, I hate NYE. Why you might ask? Because every year it gets hyped up to be the best night of the year and lets face it, its not. Like I can name 5 other nights of 2015 that were awesome that I know hands down tonight wont beat. There is so much pressure on one night its unreal. I kind of feel sorry for it, how ever will it live up to its expectations? Its a night you end up spending too much money, surrounded mostly by people you dont know, in a a dress that is too short and heels that are too high and very uncomfortable. Also what I dont get – why on earth do you want to start your new year feeling less than fresh?! Im happy to embrace the title as NYE Grinch and the only thing I look forward to on NYE is it being over and knowing there is 11 more months before I have to go through it again. Thats a lie – I look forward to it being the first NYE where I have a boyfriend.
    With that said – I love the opportunity to make New Years goals! I’ve always been a person who likes to goals. I think people work better when they have something to work towards. Thats why I have always thought that new years resolutions have been pretty cool, although studies show that apparently you are setting yourself up for failure and if you wanna start something new or kick a habit you’re better off just starting that very second then putting if off until new years or a monday. So as 2016 approaches I wanted to share some of my goals for the year. Not resolutions but things I’d love to see happen. In no particular order..

    + Take the boyfriend to Norway

    + Travel

    + See my friends more  (even if it means leaving London)

    + Move into my own space

    + Lose 10 pounds

    + Blog more

    + Work on my personal style

    + Go camping more often

    + Visit family

    + Live more

    + Love more

    + Laugh more

    What are your goals for 2016?

    I hope you all have the type of NYE that you want and that 2016 brings you so much joy and happiness. I know that for me 2015 is going to be pretty hard to beat but I can’t wait to see 2016 try! Do you have any plans for 2016? 🙂 any goals or resolutions?

    2015-12-28 17.14.56


    Goodbye 2015 – You’ve been great!

    Ive had a little look around other blogs, and apparently as the year comes to an end its normal to have a little recap. Usually of what you wore during the year that went. Now I’ve only been back in the blogging realm for like a month or so, so needless to say I don’t have a library of outfit pics to show you. However, I thought it would tell you about my 2015 and what you missed. Month by month. I really am too nice to you. Have to say, when I started this post I was a bit concerned that wasnt going to be able to share anything from this year. But as I flicked through the pictures on my phone (excuse the quality) I have realized, what a year it has been!


    Hello I work here! After living in London for 3 years, I finally landed what could potentially be my dream job. Lucid, bet you’re regretting that.

    My beautiful friend Marte came to visit London and we spent a lot of time just being kids at the zoo.



    February was a big month for me.  I had the flu for most of it. I turned 27 – with the flu, drank like 20 jaegerbombs in one night and woke up the next day with no hangover. Huge accomplishment! But at the very top of my month, at the top of my year was the day I met the boyfriend. Thats probably the most amazing part of 2015. I also spent a lot of time in Norway with the family and went on countless dates with this beauty




    What scares me the most, is the fact that its almost a year since Rob and Emma got married. What a wedding it was! What a beautiful day 🙂



    Did I mention I spent a lot of time in Norway this year? This skiing trip was my 4th trip to Norway so far in 2015. Also realized that skiing is probably still not my thing.

    IMG_9709 IMG_9711


    Filip turned 12. That to me is so strange and it is so scary that in 2016 he turns into a teenager. I also flew home to celebrate his birthday and the 17th of May. Have you ever seen such a beautiful face before?




    In june I went on my first couples holiday ever. Never thought I would survive camping with the boyfriend for a long weekend. As it turns out – a long weekend wasnt enough and I fell in love with the english seaside. IMG_0400


    Hours were spent in the garden with the housemates – gardening, drinking, talking about life and just enjoying the few days we had of sun.

    IMG_9914 IMG_0085


    August was spent in Norway catching up with friends and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I cant believe how beautiful this place can be.



    What a busy month this was, and it didnt help that I was sick twice. I trained it to Paris for some quality time with some amazing people, then rushed back to London before the boyfriend and I headed off for yet another amazing camping trip.

    IMG_0694 IMG_0794


    Believe it or not, I had the flu for most of October and it made me miss halloween this year 🙁 The boyfriend and I went to see Fluffy at the hammersmith apollo. I never laughed so hard in my life. Sadly we werent allowed to take any pictures there. I also flew home to Norway for a quick weekend.



    I dont know where November went! Between SalonQp, christmas planning and Cecilie and Oda coming to London it was such a busy month! It was also an important month because I started blogging again.

    Look at these beauties! (Im so lucky to have people like them in my life!)



    Which brings us to December

    I spent December drinking a lot of champagne, shopping, going to events, wrapped a frick loads of presents, opening presents, seeing beautiful people and eating lots of food – and not to forget, making lots and lots of fudge.

    IMG_4336_LR IMG_1907 IMG_4751 IMG_4878


    Thank you 2015, you’ve been great!!

    I hope your 2015 has brought you lots og joy and happiness, and if it hasnt I hope its given you strength. In two days a new year starts, a new chance, a new beginning. Make each day worth it, however small the gesture might be. I know I cant wait to see what 2016 has to offer! <3



    The good news is I’ve stopped blowing my nose every 2 minutes. The bad news is the snow that came two days ago is now gone. Which is probably a good thing considering I have no winter gear. Im trying to mentally prep for 2016. I really want to get rid of some bad habits and set myself some manageable but rather easy and good routines. Like treating my skin nice (after all you only really get one.) So today while I was out shopping with the mother I picked up these super cute face mask pods from H&M Beauty, they come in so many different variations and each one has a beautiful color on the packaging. Im kinda obsessing over these, although I did pick up the most basic colors…. Might have to stock up before I head back to London! Did you know that H&M has started their sale? I really shouldnt be telling you this but there are A LOT of bargains going right. Specially on their wool and mohair oversize jumpers. You didnt hear that from me.

    Another bargain I picked up was a 100 ml bottle Moroccan oil for 329 NOK including a travel size shampoo and conditioner. According to the app on my phone thats £25. I can tell you this, there is no place in hell you will find  authentic 100ml Moroccan oil for that kind of price. Sorry Norway but Im very much enjoying this these low oil prices. (Again – see what I did there?) Seriously, who wants me to bring them some back? And by that I mean Moroccan Oil.

    So if you havent guessed so far what im doing tonight then this is it. Im going to pamper myself with face masks and hair masks, and read this new book my brother told me about. Half Bad. If you like Harry Potter, this will be perfect for you!

    2015-12-29 19.40.11 2015-12-29 19.05.27 2015-12-29 19.39.22





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