Fudging fudge

    First, Im so sorry for the radio silence. I have spent the last few days trying to perfect my new obsession, homemade fudge. Second – forget everything I said about giving up on homemade christmas presents. I know was gonna give them up, but when I realized that homemade fudge was a thing and according to two websites, super easy to make. I figured, why the fudge not?!

    Well I’ll tell you why the fudge not – because making fudge is hard. And I’m not just talking about the state my fudge turned out. 1 outta 5 goes turned out ok, ONE OUT OF FIVE and what Im really annoyed about is that I have no idea what I did different. So – sorry to everybody who got ‘hard chewy caramel’ as part of their christmas present. I don’t recommend chewing it. At least they turned out super cute!

    If anybody wants to attempt this themselves you can find the recipe here

    I cannot recommend enough how important it will be to stock up on everything you need because unless youre fudging Martha Stewart or Mary Berry, there is no chance in hell you’re gonna get this on your first try. If you do – I hate you.

    PS. I lied, I promised I was gonna give up after 5 batches but I had to do one more. Turns out – 6 is the magic number. Be excited friends and family. Be very excited.

    IMG_4566 IMG_4570 IMG_4527 IMG_4576

    Just call me the queen of fudge.


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    What is your body actually saying?

    I thought I would kick off this week with a health post. Mostly because I have spent my weekend being incredibly unhealthy in a desperate attempt to make home made candy. I really suffer with bad cravings, its been a habit that I have really struggled to kick and every day its a constant battle not to stuff my face with chocolate or other snacks that are bad for my body. So when Im craving something bad, I try to have a glass of water and really think if its the bad thing my body is craving out of boredom/stress or if my body is lacking something. Just remember that the stricter you diet the bigger the chance you cave. Allow yourself treats, but in moderation. After all if you’re trying to loose weight, get toned or just be more healthy its a lifestyle change – not a diet. You have to be able to maintain it for the rest of your life.

    Below is a list of cravings that for me are bad and how to tackle them. If you want to know more about how to replace things in your diet, leave a comment ūüôā


    You typically crave chocolate when you are having a bad day. Women especially crave chocolate right before or during their periode. Its because people¬†often associate eating chocolate with a social occasion,¬†using any excuse to indulge. We attribute cravings to whatever is obvious to us, even more so when you are on strict diet. When you are restricting your calorie intake, your body will want chocolate – a food that is calorie dense and a perfect food to fill up on. It doesn’t help that chocolate melts at body temperature for an orgasmic mouthfeel. Try eating some raw nuts,seeds, and¬†fruits which are high in magnesium instead. You might actually be wanting that and your body will be thanking you for it later.chocolate-1


    If you suddenly start craving sweets to the extreme and have an increased urgency to constantly pee you might be pre-diabetic. This can easily be ruled out by a blood test by your doctor. For women another more likely reason is that you have had a change in hormons. This often why women tend to be bigger snackers than men. But believe it or not it, your sweet tooth can be caused by what you ate for your previous meal. If your meals are consisting of over processed carbs such as white bread, white rice, and pasta that spikes your blood sugar it will leave you in a lazy slump searching for your next sugar fix. Stress is also a sweet tooth trigger, it activates your brains reward center (remember how you find it sociably acceptable to each chocolate at certain times?). Being super stressed might make you subconsciously crave sweets or carb loaded sweets such as cakes and cookies. But craving sugar can also be a sign that your body is missing some nutrients like Chromium, Carbon,Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Tryptophan. Try eating things like broccoli, grapes ( have you tried frozen grapes? YUMMY), cheese, dried beans, chicken, fresh fruits, vegetables, kale, cabbage, raisins, sweet potato, spinach, nuts, and eggs.


    Carbs (bread, pasta etc)
    Believe it or not, you’re actually craving sugar though you’ll probably reach for a piece of toast or a bowl of pasta before the pick’n’mix bag because eating food feels more socially acceptable than stuffing your face with candy for lunch. According to Dr Josef Colella, M,D., author of The Appetite Solution “Once a strachy food gets past the back of your tongue, your body treats it the same way as sugary sweets.”¬†Instead eat some high protein foods like fish, meat, nuts and beans because there is a chance you’re lacking on the nitrogen side.


    Salty food (crips etc)
    You often crave salt when you are dehydrated because salt help your body retain water. It could mean you’re not drinking enough water, or you’re loosing water through sweat (or diarrhea and vomiting) faster than you are digesting it. Thirst is often masked as hunger, so if you think you’re hungry having a glass of water might be the trick. Dr. Colella says that eating crunchy food can relieve stress as well. If you have a diet mostly consisting of mushy food, like smoothies, soups or yogurts, your salivary glands and the muscles in your jaw gets bored. They need stimulation too so a crunchy craving is born. If you’re low on Chloride you might want to try consuming¬†things Raw goat milk, fish, unrefined sea salt


    Oily snacks, fatty foods, fried food
    Ever wonder why you crave fatty food when you’re hungover spesially when you had fries on your way home at 4am? Its because you’re sleep deprived. You’re tiered. Lack of sleep leaves you low on energy and food provides energy. Its very easy to confuse exhaustion for hunger. Subconsciously you know that fatty food will trigger your reward center, but its only temporary. You’re better off eating food with healthy fats rather than frying oil both in the short and the long run. Eat things¬†like mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese and sesame. I really recommend kale crisps. They sort out my crunchy need and dont ruin my currently non existing waste line.179981894_XS (1)


    You would think this a relatively easy one, you’re lacking calcium and vitamin D. If you’re a 9-5 office worker like myself its not surprising you suddenly crave some gooey fatty liquid gold. You’re not getting any vitamin D from the sun! You might very well be in dire need of some sunlight but you could also be craving sugar. Your brain knows cheese contains natural milk sugars. Sneaky bastard. Stay away from that pesky sugar and try snacking on raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits, have some avocado, cottage cheese, or even a glass of milk.


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    Breakfast 101

    Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. Who am I kidding, I love every meal of the day. But I also dont have a microwave at work, so Im always happy when I find something that I can make the day before, and eat cold in the office without it being disgusting, or cereal, which are often very high in sugar. This is one of my favorites because its super tasty, very filling and low in kcal (which is important to me)

    What are you’re looking at is an egg white omelet, 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites, with frozen spinach which is hands down the most incredible thing ever. Its ridiculously cheap and its already been steamed so you get loads for your buck! I used 100grams (weighed when frozen) and 2 stalks of celery. I used to hate celery, but the more I eat it, the more I get used to it and its a pretty tasty covered in hot sauce and by covered, I mean covered.

    2015-12-02 15.14.48 2015-12-02 14.53.25 copy1 2015-12-02 15.06.17 2015-12-02 15.08.38

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    Love me some wrapping

    I don’t think you can understand to what level I love wrapping. I spend weeks months planning and researching. Like originally this year I was going to go with rose colored wrapping paper with gold stars and pink satin ribbon but the cost of importing it from Sweden was just too much to handle. Seeing as¬†this year is the first year (don’t judge me) I have a boyfriend during the holidays, I decided to put my focus on wrapping paper I could actually get on this god forsaken island. Poor boyfriend though. He¬†never even knew what hit him when I rocked up with 24 individually wrapped presents. Yeah you read right, I made my 28 year old boyfriend an advent calendar and let me just tell you,¬†it took forever. My mom still makes me one, and I dont think I really every understood how long it takes her until I did it myself. Like I spent an entire Saturday planning, shopping and wrapping. Totally worth it though, he deserves to be spoilt! ūüôā

    As I couldn’t justify the import cost of wrapping paper, I opted for my second choice of wrapping, gold, gold and oh did I mention gold? Plus black satin ribbon. Love a little everyday luxury. I like to wrap my presents in different boxes so it throws you off a little when you open it. (Not like one of my family members who wrapped up a box for an SLR camera for me one xmas, I thought I was going to die with excitement, until I open the box and the only thing that was in it was a catalogue of different SLR cameras. Because who doesn’t want a catalogue of SLR cameras instead of the camera it self for christmas. ¬†If you’re reading this and you’re feeling guilty, you should. I was 17, you crushed me.)

    Any way because I wrap everything in different boxes, it takes me forever to wrap everything. I wish I was joking when I said that I’ve probably spent 8 hours so far, and I’m not even done yet. If youre wondering the wrapping paper I am using for the christmas presents can be bought from, Paperchase and Tiger.

    The advent calendar wrapping paper is from Postmark and the gold bags + tags are from Tiger.

    Ps. Don’t ever use sating ribbon for wrapping xmas presents. It actually costs a fortune.

    IMG_4377 IMG_4373 2015-11-21 23.58.37 2015-11-21 23.58.37


    Why isnt there a day between Saturday and Sunday?

    Im so exhausted today its unreal. After a week with no sleep, and some hardcore training sessions I could happily have napped all day. Cant believe its Saturday and I have been up since 8. No rest for the wicked! Unfortunately I have a to do list longer than my arm this weekend. But first a little christmas cleaning. That is if I can make it out of bed again.



    Goldie locks

    On average I get my¬†hair trimmed about every 5-6 months, in a desperate attempt to let it grow out but on Monday I had the absolute pleasure of having my hair cut by the wonderful Jonathan Long and styled¬†by his awesome colleague Raymond. I couldn’t exactly say no! For those of you who have been living under a rock, Jonathan Long co-founded the super star salon¬†Lockonego that is located¬†in Chelsea. He¬†has cut the likes of Courtney Cox, Leona Lewis and Victoria Beckham, ¬†just to name a few! ¬†Needless to say, he is kinda a big deal in the hairdressing community.
    Anybody who knows me knows I’m slightly obsessed with my hair (Im currently taking 3 different supplements to make it magically turn into Blake Lively’s locks – more on that later!) so you can just imagine my excitement that somebody was going to cut my hair who had the credentials to charge more than my usual ¬£20 for a trim experience. I was almost tempted to cut it all off ¬†(but I think the boyfriend would have killed me)

    Unfortunately I spent as usual most of my time behind the camera again.

    2015-11-30 18.17.33 2015-11-30 16.31.03 2015-11-30 16.32.57



    Its probably the best hair cut I have ever had (no offense Emily and Tom!)!

    Take a look at their site and book your appointment now Рyou can seriously expect miracles!


    At home workouts

    For those of you who dont know, about 4 years ago I decided to change my life around and get my fatt ass off the sofa. I started eating healthy, working out and cut back on the drinking.¬†¬†Although I currently dont see a huge difference in myself although people tell me differently. I feel a lot different. I feel healthy, strong and happy. Now that the holidays are approaching I know a lot of people are the same boat as me, how to keep active when you’re not around a gym. Its important to use what you have. Personally I love running, so I usually bring my running shoes with me on holiday. (Even if I dont end up using them as often as I intend to at least they are with me).¬†However, if youre not a keen runner or just want something extra,¬†body weight exercises¬†are easy to do, outside or in your own home. Ive also decided not to photoshop my pictures, I might still be a chunky monkey but I am not ashamed of my body, after all it’s come pretty far in 4 years.

    2015-11-28 14.43.51


    One of my favourites are squats. I remember I once did a 200 squat challenge, having never done squats before and I¬†haven’t regretted it since. If you want to add some extra to it, squat jumps are a killer but oh so good!

    2015-11-28 14.46.30



    Another love is lunges. I have struggled with a weak knee for ages and I find lunges extra challenging but also very satisfying when I dont fall over.

    2015-11-28 14.45.28-2


    Right people, my absolute HATE is triceps. I build leg muscle very quickly but sadly its the complete opposite for my upper body. None the less its so important to push through doing the tings you dont like.

    2015-11-28 14.56.03


    This work out is incredible, not only does it target your glutes but also your abs. Its a GREAT workout. I could do with working on my form a little I see.

    2015-11-28 14.53.36

    I hope you find some of these helpful! If you want too see more at home or outdoor work out tips feel free to leave a comment and I will post more ūüôā


    Being a christmas expert vol. 2

    Its the first Sunday of advent Рin Norway that means lighting a candle thats either red, purple or has a number 1 on it. To me it means lighting that candle AND decorating the gingerbread house. This is a huge tradition in my family, we make one every year and it usually means my brothers stuffing their faces with all the decorations resulting in my stepdad having to go buy more. Ideally I would be decorating it with the Poohead, but he works Sundays and I have a small feeling I would end up having to go back out and pick up more candy before we had even started the decorating part.

    One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting together a gingerbread house is using icing as glue. Dont bother, its impossible to make it stick. Your best glue option is to use melted caster sugar, but you dont want to melt it too much cause then the sugar goes dark brown and tastes disgusting. A light golden honey like color will do+makes it delish to eat when cold. Another mistake is that people attempt to make the the house themselves, like why on earth would you do that to yourself? You can buy some pretty cheap ready to assemble houses from IKEA, Morrisons, Lidl and Tiger, all ranging from £2.50 to £5.

    I also recommend getting somebody to help you unless you are incredibly skilled like moi  you want to burn yourself.

    If youre wondering what frosting Im using its 3 eggswhites+vanilla+cream of tartar+ a whole pack of icing sugar. Youre welcome.

    IMG_3908 IMG_3919 IMG_3924 IMG_3954 IMG_3989 IMG_4046 IMG_4058


    And before you say anything – if your gingerbread house doesn’t end up as ugly as mine then you’re doing it wrong.




    Turkey day movies

    If you’re not quite ready to jump on the christmas movie wagon but still wanting some festiveness to entertain you¬†may I suggest digging out these great thanksgiving movies. They have been playing in the background while I work so far this week¬†(dont tell my boss).¬†They are also available to stream on Netflix.

    1 .Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    This movie is hilarious!

    2. Dutch

    Ed O’Neill from Modern family and Married with Children is in this. You know its gonna be funny!

    3. Rocky

    Absolute classic!

    4. Addams Family Values

    Its a sequel I know, but a damn good thanksgiving sequel. And just look how tiny Christina Ricci is!

    5. The Nut Job

    Although this movie isn’t directly a Thanksgiving flick, it’s set in the wintertime and is all about a hilarious caper to get more food. Who dosent want more food?!


    Hope everybody is having a great turkey day! Happy thanksgiving ūüôā xx


    Being a christmas expert vol. 1

    34 days and counting people, to christmas that is. I think I enjoy the countdown to christmas more than I enjoy christmas it self. Just kidding, I freaking love christmas. So much that I take pride in the fact that I start my christmas planning in September. (Dont worry, the decorations, songs and movies dont come out until December 1st). For the past 5 years however due to limited funds I have been making my own presents, which hands down were so crap they looked like a 5¬†year old made them. My kid brothers make better crap than I do. I tried to tell myself it’s the thought that counts. I can totally channel my inner Martha Stewart. Turns out – I cant. ¬†So heres a long overdue shout out to my loved ones that¬†still ¬†gave me decent xmas presents¬†in return.

    Times they are changing though and seeing as I now believe I’m basically P Diddy, I’ve decided to splash the cash and actually give people presents they dont want to throw away. I obviously cant tell you¬†exactly what Im giving people because they might read my blog¬†because then your present will be better than mine, and we cant have that. So here are 9 of the items that didn’t make the cut this year – but are still pretty good present options.


    1.Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here 6. Here 7. Here 8. Here 9. Here

    According to every ‘lifestyle&fashion’ blog out there, this is the appropriate way
    of displaying christmas present suggestions. Did I do this right?


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