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    Spring Cleaning

    I’m not gonna lie, landing in London realizing there is a heatwave going on was not a bad surprise. Having just left Norway and have been super lucky with the weather, I was all too happy continuing on my bare leg trend. Every woman has one part of their body they are proud of and to me, it’s my legs. I honestly think I have a cracking pair of pins and I love showing them off just a little bit tanner. Sue me.

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    Prints for the room

    We are coming up a year since we moved into our current pad. Although the I have pretty much kitted the living room out in rose gold, (No like seriously it looks like rose gold came and threw up on our living room) I have pretty much neglected our bedroom. But now I am thinking its time get things sorted.

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    Hey World!

    May Goals 2.0

    This month I want to share with you a little different monthly goals list because it’s funny how much life can change in a year. The timing of it is kinda perfect too, as this week is mental health awareness week.

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    Silicon makeup spung

    Hola sass pots,

    I can’t believe another bank holiday weekend has come and gone. I decided to take a little social media detox over the long weekend and spend my time with friends and not glued to a screen. So soz for the radio silence.

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    The best ever high protein no cheat McDonalds Milkshake

    Happy post-Easter babes!

    I hope your Easter was filled with some R&R, lots of chocolate with a little bit of vino ze side. I am desperately trying to shed 5kgs at the moment, so I am EXTREMELY proud to say I spent the WHOLE easter weekend chocolate and booze free.

    Take that chocolate addiction!

    I feel so bad for the boyfriend though, because even though he still gets to enjoy the small joys in life, he had to suffer through listening to me rant rage over pretty much every little thing you can image. I kinda feel like it was PMS on steroids.

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    Happy birthday Dove!

    One day, back in February an email fell into my inbox that made me almost want to cry. I have been very fortunate so far in my small blogging career to work with some incredible brands, but when Dove invites you to celebrate their 60th with them, it’s very hard to not get a tad emosj. I mean, come on, its FREAKING DOVE for crying out loud! Dove is brand I have been using for years, they have always been my go to deodorant, soap, moisturiser and self-tanning. To be honest, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t use Dove! Now tell me you wouldn’t be totes excited when one of your all-time favorite brands wants you to come party with them?!


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    April Goals

    Guys, it’s 4 days into the new month and for the 3rd month in a row, I have already got a sweet little monthly goal list for you. If you ask me, it couldn’t come at a better time. I want to say that spring has finally arrived, but as this is London, so I’m sure it will only be around for a couple more days. None the less I am trying to make the most out of the extra vitamin D and the longer days by rewatching (binging) the entire Big bang Theory on Netflix, so obviously I haven’t actually made it out of the house yet. But it will happen! Kinda maybe sorta… anyway this sunshine is making me super keen for the summer. Now all I gotta do is get rid of these crutches and I am ready for some midi skirts and converse! Continue reading



    Bonjour bonjour!

    I’ve let this pass in silence a little because I’m not one to really point out the obvious… Ha ok, that was the joke of the week! But as you might have noticed, something’s have been happening on the blog..

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    Good morning chickens!

    If you’re living in London, you would have woken up to some BEAUTIFUL weather. Spring has arrived and as JT sang in the McDonalds adverts way back when, I am loving it! I took a week away from social media this

    I took a week away from social media this week, and attempted to go hiking in the Lake District with crutches. I was camouflaged by all the senior citizens on their crutches, so at least I was not alone! To be honest, I never used to be the outdoorsy type, it wasn’t until I left Bergen I started to really appreciate what Norway had to offer. Now one of the tings I miss the most is being able to walk out of the front door and basically right onto a footpath that takes me through a calm forest with breathtaking views and fresh air.


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