Being a christmas expert vol. 2

Its the first Sunday of advent – in Norway that means lighting a candle thats either red, purple or has a number 1 on it. To me it means lighting that candle AND decorating the gingerbread house. This is a huge tradition in my family, we make one every year and it usually means my brothers stuffing their faces with all the decorations resulting in my stepdad having to go buy more. Ideally I would be decorating it with the Poohead, but he works Sundays and I have a small feeling I would end up having to go back out and pick up more candy before we had even started the decorating part.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting together a gingerbread house is using icing as glue. Dont bother, its impossible to make it stick. Your best glue option is to use melted caster sugar, but you dont want to melt it too much cause then the sugar goes dark brown and tastes disgusting. A light golden honey like color will do+makes it delish to eat when cold. Another mistake is that people attempt to make the the house themselves, like why on earth would you do that to yourself? You can buy some pretty cheap ready to assemble houses from IKEA, Morrisons, Lidl and Tiger, all ranging from £2.50 to £5.

I also recommend getting somebody to help you unless you are incredibly skilled like moi  you want to burn yourself.

If youre wondering what frosting Im using its 3 eggswhites+vanilla+cream of tartar+ a whole pack of icing sugar. Youre welcome.

IMG_3908 IMG_3919 IMG_3924 IMG_3954 IMG_3989 IMG_4046 IMG_4058


And before you say anything – if your gingerbread house doesn’t end up as ugly as mine then you’re doing it wrong.



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