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Good morning lovelies! Believe it or not Im writing this from Bergen Airport, while waiting for my flight back to London town. Have I mentioned how quick these past two weeks have gone? Im so sad to leave, but also rather excited about seeing the boyfriend again! I dont know if I have told you this, but for some ridiculous reason January has become my ‘can do’ month. Ive given up booze, no I’m not joking and I have given up white and refined sugar. I think the latter is probably worse. Im on day 4 now, and I have woken up with a headache. You know what the bad part is? Ive even cheated! I know what you’re thinking “Come on, pull yourself together – its only for a couple of weeks.” You know what I say to you? Have you ever tried chocolate and also, its for 100 days. Yup you read right, I am giving up sugar for 100 days. Im sorry boyfriend, and Im sorry housemates, unleash the Yasmkrakine! In all seriousness, I think it will be wonderful for my body. You can follow me, and all the other doody heads that have decided to join me on this ludicrous journey on instagram under the hashtag #100dagerschallenge (its a norwegian hashtag)

Here is me enjoying my last sugary ice coffee… You cant see it but im crying on the inside. On a side note – look how long my hair is now!

2016-01-02 16.56.19


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    Sprekt av deg! You can do it 😀

    January 4, 2016 at 8:18 PM
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