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January 18, 2016

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    Whats new January?

    Happy Monday beauties! How was your weekend? I spent yesterday cleaning the house. I wish I was joking when I said the oven took 2.5 hours to scrub clean. 2.5 hours. My arms are aching! So glad today is cardio day and not arm day! I got up at 6am to start my new workout routine, which involves 2 morning workouts a week. I’m trying to teach myself to get up early every day, its just a great way to start the day. Who am I kidding, it’s torture getting up 6am.  Anyway for those interested this is my weekly workout schedule

    Monday –  Morning cardio & spinning
    Tuesday – Rest day
    Wednesday – Training with Kate
    Thursday – Morning cardio & intervals and weights
    Friday – Rest day
    Sat – Intervals followed by weights or Body pump
    Sunday – Steady cardio of 45 to 60 minutes

    There you have it! I can still switch around my rest days, like this week my rest day might be on Thursday instead of Friday. It’s important to make sure your schedule isn’t too rigid, life happens. Fit your fitness around it.  Have you set a new workout routine for the new year? Its so important to switch up, as your body gets used to the same movements. If you’re struggling for ideas for home workouts, you can check out this post here. I’m interested in knowing, what motivates you? 🙂 <3


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