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January 28, 2016


    Hey Anon!

    In light of yesterdays post, I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you all for taking a moment to read a post that took some time to write and came right from the heart. I also wanna thanks Anon X for taking the time not only to read that one post (out of like 20) but also decided that after reading that one post that he/her knew me well enough to leave a pretty nasty, childish and completely unnecessary comment. You are everything that is wrong with todays society view on beauty standards. You are a waste of perfectly good air. I’ve chosen not to display the comment (so stop logging onto my blog to see if I have), as I dont wanna spread that kind of negativity in the world. I like good karma. Yours however is a different story. Anyway thanks to you my viewing count hit a record of over 200 yesterday. So cheers buddy!

    So Anon X – if you haven’t guessed it, this post is to you. Here is an outfit of me wearing a bodycon dress. I might not be ‘kurvy’ or have washboard stomach but I can wear whatever the hell I want, you dont have to comment if you dont like it. F your beauty standards.


    2016-01-24 16.51.24  2016-01-24 16.53.43 2016-01-24 16.53.45 2016-01-24 16.54.05 2016-01-24 16.55.53

    2016-01-24 16.54.41

    2016-01-24 16.56.09

    Coat from Primark, Dress from H&M, Jewellery from H&M-Bjork-Jane Konig



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