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You better work b*@#$


Good afternoon beauties!

The sun is shining where I am right now and its really getting me all pumped for summer! Which also means, it’s time to get pumped for the gym. Hello fitness motivation! Suns out, guns out and all that! So with that in mind I am stepping it up an notch at the gym and giving it my all. Who’s with me?! I like to mix cardio and strength, I also prefer to do full body workouts instead of having set days to work a part of my body. Everybody its different, you have to find what works for you, what motivates you and what makes it fun. When its fun, it doesn’t seem like a workout! 🙂

Warm up
I start with a 10 min warmup, usually on the threadmill, slightly increasing the speed over time to a fast passed jog and then reduce to speed to a walk the last minute or so. You dont wanna over do it, but you do wanna feel your heart starting to race and your body feeling warm.


Pick a weight you feel comfortable with, if you cant feel your muscles work its too light. If you can barely lift/only do a few reps its too heavy. As an example, I do deadlifts, clean and jerk at 15kg for my first set and 17.5kg for the last two. If you are new to these workouts, they are linked so click them and you will be taken to a link that shows you a video on how they work 🙂

Deadlift, clean and press – 12×3
Squat jumps with weights – 12×3
DB Chest Press – 16×3
Deadlifts – 12×3
Bend over row – 16×3
High Steps – 20/24×3
Incline DB Chest press – 12×3
Back flies – 12×3
Triceps dips – 12×3



Its super duper important to stretch out after a workout. Like I cant stress it enough. If you are worried about being sore the next day, a good stretch will help.
Everybody’s flexibility is different, so different stretches will work for different people. You can find some of my favorites here


Anyway beauts, Im off to make my fat cry! I hope my workout plan gets you motivated! 🙂 Happy workout lovelies! xx



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