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April 15, 2016

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    April drools


    Afternoon peeps! It’s pissing down where I am, and Im locked away in a hotel room in hopes of clear skies soon. Im certainly not a Coachella and Im not jealous of anybody who is. (I’m looking at you Cecilie!) My plan of an epic of an photoshoot has been postponed until tomorrow so while Im sat here braiding my hair (no joke, check my snapchat) I decided to rummage the internet and add more stuff to my ever growing wish list. Because you know, its not like it needs to end..and like I already have enough stuff… JUST GIVE ALL TO ME! I really need to win the lottery so I can go treat myself to all of these, because like who can afford £75 workout tights? (Actually, the boyfriend really needs to win the lottery.. HAHA) I mean look at that iPad donut stand! Give it to me!!

    You can buy them

    1.Here 2.Here 3.Here 4.Here 5.Here 6.Here 7.Here 8.Here 9.Here 

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