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April 26, 2016

    Fitness, Hair

    New week new workout routine

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    Dont know you about you, but I like to do a little pre gym prep to get myself ready and motivated. Specially when I’m training in the morning I like to make sure my face it washed, my teeth are brushed and I have had a protein shake. Recently I have also started braiding my hair and if I’m feeling fancy I will do my eyebrows. Which is ridiculous I know but it makes me feel more prepared, awake, alert and like I can take on the world, as well as tough work out! Perhaps I am just psyching myself up haha

    This week I am doing a lot of ab and upper body. If you are interested my workout right now is looking like this

    Warm up

    Rower Medley


    Single leg hip lifts/ball pulls/wheel of torture

    Squat and back pull

    Forward lung and punch

    Standing back pull/Standing Chest press

    Squat and push/box squat low

    Tricep pushdown rope/bi curl bar

    Whats your favorite workout? 🙂


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