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    Is it too late now to say sorry?

    Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence lately. I have a list of apologies below. Please circle the most appropriate.

    1. I have no internett
    2. I have been ill
    3. I have been super duper busy with something I cant tell you about
    4. All of the above

    However, I am no longer super duper busy, or ill but I still have no internet so I am not gonna make any promises. May has just flown by, and I have not set any goals for June, but perhaps spend less money. My bank account looks like its got a eating disorder. My poor savings account is looking pretty violated and my closet is so filled, you need a map to find your way around it. Maybe my June goal should be stop stuffing my face with cake and go the gym more ooooor maybe not. I think Simon would be happy if my June goal would be to get rid of my shoes. Anyway, Im throwing up an old picture, but even though its old you should know I am still alive and kicking. Since I have no internet, I have all the time in world to plan future posts and edit some pics for you guys so be prepared, as soon as I come out of the stone ages I will be back stronger than ever! Bet you’re well excited. Dont blame you babes.

    (wish I was P Diddy and could get lash extensions again!)

    Hey World!

    May Goals

    I think May is my favourite month. Well besides December, and maybe February… The sun is usually shining, birds are singing, people are so happy winter is finally over, my social calendar is usually booming and ALL THE FLOWERS!!! This May Im a little sad though, its the first year for probably 5 years I won’t be flying home to Bergen to celebrate the 17th of May and my little brother’s birthday. He turns 13 this year. It’s difficult for me to comprehend that its gone so quick. He was just born yesterday! As I get older, I feel time is just going quicker and quicker. How am I 28? I swear I turned 18 yesterday, but then again it also feels like a life time ago. Who even was that person?  Like how is it Wednesday? I was enjoying the sunshine, drinking Pimms and catching up with my favourite people just yesterday no? Oh wait no that was 3 days ago. I spent the rest of the weekend in bed with a migraine. Think my body went into vitamin D shock. The good thing about laying in a dark room with a cold compress on your face is that it gives you some very much forced time to think. I thought a lot about my May Goals. Usually I would be writing a list right now over goals I want to achieve this month. I’ve decided not to. I am trying to learn how to not put so much pressure on myself. It probably sounds ridiculous, but it’s a very common problem, specially in women. Personally I have a tendency to set very high goals for myself, with unreasonable expectations. Usually what happens it that I don’t reach my goals, and I start heading into a mental downward spiral, feeling like a constant failure and all around not being good enough. My anxiety picks up, the amount of panic attacks I have increase and I can’t function as a person. The fear of failure is always pressing, and I need to learn how to accept that its ok being me, and that I dont have to try and be anything more.

    So for May month I have ONE goal,


    •  Be happy



    What are your goals for the month?


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    Tuesday tip – the crappiest smudge liner ever

    Usually these product tips of the week consist of people boosting about amazing products. I thought I would change it up a little, and tell you about a high street product that although it was somewhat bank account friendly, is a complete waste of money. I was on the look out for an eyeliner, that I could easily smudge so when I came across this beauty, I figured DAAAAAAAMN I hit the freaking jackpot.  Look at it! It even has a built in smudge! OMG LOVE! (I pity the fool…)

    IMG_6928 (1)

    I didn’t and here is why. See this line I have drawn on my hand?

    IMG_6921 (1)

    Now watch me try my very best to smudge it

    IMG_6922 (3)

    After trying to ‘smudge’ and by ‘smudge’ I mean basically rub off a layer of skin on my eyelid you are left with a somewhat smudged line and lots of tiny black spots..Like what are they? Thats not smudging, that erasing! On my eye lid. Notice how red my skin is around the line – enough said. Ouchy.

    IMG_6923 (3)

    And here you have the final out come. I dont know what you can call that but I can tell you that 5 hours later it will no longer be on your eyelid, no, it will be in dark circles under your eye. Save your makeup dignity and your money on both face wipes and a liner.

    You’re welcome.

    Hey World!

    Introducing: Hey World

    Hey Beauties! I cant believe two days ago I was sat in the sun, drinking peach sugar free squash and enjoying some summer tunes. It felt like summer has already arrived but when I look out the window now, not so much. Like has it even stopped raining today?

    Anywho – As you might have noticed, I have been blogging a lot more recently, Im feeling incredibly inspired right now, and there is so much I want so share with you (as well as trying to up my photography game – its embarrassing that my grandad is this amazing professional photographer and Im still wrapping my head around the golden ration!) but I understand that not everything is as interesting for everybody to read. At the same time, this blog is a way for me to clear my brain and collect some memories and not just talk about the many different versions of chia seed pudding Im making (sorry not sorry). I’m incredibly awed by how many click on to read about my boring everyday life, for that and all the lovely feedback (and the negative) thank you so much! 🙂 As person we evolve over time. We grow. We change, we learn new things and have new experiences. As this blog is a part of me, it too needs to evolve with me. Not everyday is flatlay lunches, perfect makeup and carefully styled outfits. Most days are relatively mundane, filled with 3 day old saggy leggings, hair up in a bun and yesterdays mascara still clinging to my poor battered eyelashes. I want to share that with you too because lets face it, that is 90% of my life. So with that said, I am introducing a new category on the blog called ‘Hey World’. It will be covering all my thoughts that I wanna share and the unpolished life. Like the days were showering is an effort and all I wanna do is stuff my face with cheese. Which if I am honest, is basically everyday.

    I hope you find it interesting and can perhaps relate to it. Not everyday is a dance on roses.

    All the love xx


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    Mango Salsa

    Anybody how knows me, knows I have a huge obsession with Mexican food. Its my absolute favourite! (ok I lie, I dont discriminate against food. I love all food) – I think I have even mentioned it at least 5 times on the blog already, how much I actually love mexican food. Therefor it is my absolute pleasure, ladies an gentleman to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine. Mango Salsa. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to embrace the fruit in salad sensation but now – I love it. (That doesn’t mean Im gonna be jumping on the monstrosity that is pineapple pizza though. Ew and no.) It’s really perfect for warmer days, when you just want something light and fresh to eat.

    There are lots of different variations of mango salsa, but this is my favourite. This made enough for two big portions, and works beautifully with some grilled salmon.



    • 1 ripe mango, diced (you can speed ripe them over night in a bowl of uncooked rice)
    • 2 small tomotaos, chopped
    • 1 small chopped red onion
    • ¼ cup packed fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
    • A splash of lemon or lime juice, to taste
    • ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon salt, to taste
    • Splash of olive oil


    Mix it all together, and try not to eat it right from the bowl! 😉


    3 blogs I’m loving right now

    SUNS out guns out! I can’t believe it’s 27 degrees in London. I AM SO HAPPY! But also so sad, because I hate dressing for summer. Give me scarfs, coats and layers….anyway recently I have noticed that I have started to read more blogs so I  thought I would share the ones I’m kinda obsessing over. In a healthy way!

    Even back when I blogged in 2009, I still didn’t read a lot of other blogs. I dont know why, I guess I didn’t have time. I was more busy creating content for my own blog than reading what was already out there. Big mistake. You can get so much inspiration by reading other peoples blogs, and not to mention lots and lots of tips on to make your own blog better. Although I am fresh back in the blogging community game, it’s from my understanding that now it’s all about being female bosses and supporting each other. Which is amazing, women in particular are very good at dragging each other down. I love that this trend is changing into something more positive and that its all about empowerment. You go girlfriend!

    As I said, I never used to read blogs therefor its rather surprising, at least to myself that I am actually putting together this post. Like when did I become a fan girl?! (JK, I defo had my room plastered in Spice Girl posters. Cause you know, spice up your life!)

    I present to you, 3 bloggers that I am absolutely loving right now:

    Hannah Gale

    Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 9.56.38 am

    I randomly came across Hannah’s blog, and I now have a slight girl crush. Like I just wanna be her friend in real life! (Hannah, if you ever read this, I promise I’m not as weird as I sound! But like, wanna grab a coffee and chat some shit?) Her writing style is witty, personal and very much relatable. I love how her blog isn’t about high-end fashion buys, but rather best buy pieces at Primark. A blogger every girl can relate to!


    Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 9.56.29 am

    I found Callie’s blog on twitter. Actually through Hannah Gale’s twitter feed. I just love how absolutely beautiful she is. She radiants confidence and girl power. She really shows that curvy and bbw can be gorgeous! She has such an inspiring sense of style as well which I feel is such a rarity in the curvy girl category.

    Eirin Kristiansen

    Skjermbilde 2016-05-08 kl. 9.55.51 am

    Eirin is a Norwegian blogger that I started following a while a go. I found her images breath taking, and I very much envy her photography skills. Ill be honest, I read her blog mostly to get inspiration for my own photography, but she has a very relatable fashion style, and who doesn’t wish they could afford to own a Porsche and their very own sea side flat in their early twenties? (So hey, Im 28 and still living in a house share and dont even have my drivers license…no biggie)

    Enjoy reading! Im off to the gym with the lovely Alice!

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    6 Things to do in London this weekend – May Edition


    The great thing about London is that there always something to do. Unless you accept the fact that you cant do everything, you’re gonna get a bad case of FOMO. After living in London for almost 5 years, I still find it hard to keep up with the city that is forever changing. Like, as an example, in all my time here I have only been able to find one independent restaurant that I absolutely love. Sadly its gone bust and I was only able to go there 4 times. I have yet to find a Lebanese restaurant quite like it and trust me I have tried a lot of Lebanese restaurants. There is however, some things I do know about London. These below are a great way to spend your weekend!

    1. Club de Fromage on Ice!


      Who doesn’t love cheesy pop music and ice skating? The ice rink disco is a  coming-of-age rite of passage and luckily Club de Fromage are allowing us grown-ups to revisit it. The pop music will be present and correct – everything from Abba to Taylor Swift – and there is bar too. Fancy dress is welcome but not obligatory and there’ll be games and prize giveaways while you’re on the ice. You can bring your own skates, or rent some!

    2. Wander Walthemstow Marshes

      Walthemstow Marshes is home to a wide array of wildlife and is a site of special scientific interest. Its the home of rare plant creeping marshwort and bird such as reed bunting, sedge warbler and willow warbler.

    3. Learn the history of Parliament at the Jewel Tower

      The Jewel Tower, in Westminster, was built around 1365 and is one of only a handful of parts of the original medieval Royal Palace of Westminster. Today it’s open to the public, and hosts a permanent exhibition charting the history of the Houses of Parliament from medieval times to present day.

    4. Visit the Design Museum

      Founded in 1989 in an hold banana warehouse besides the Thames the Design museum claims to be the first museum of modern design. It has around 200.000 visitors each year and is internationally recognised centre offering a brilliant insight into what is happening in the world of design

    5. Take the Marx and Engels pub crawl

      Given that Marxism had such an impact on global politics, its easy to forget that these two men were quite ordinary. Their pub crawls are legendary, starting for the British Museum, to the Museum Tavern and then dropping by 18 pubs down Tottenham Court Road. Though there are fewer today, its still a trip worth attempting, and the Museum Tavern is a great place to start!

    6. Take a tour by black cabs

      If you’re feeling like P Diddy, why not treat yourself to a black cab tour? London has more than 20.000 licensed black cabbies. These guys have to prove they have ‘the knowledge’ of London before they can get their license. They are basically the perfect tour guide, and will be able to show you around to the nooks and crannies which most Londoners have never seen. If you ask nicely that is!


    Sunday Bliss – 10 things to do on a Sunday

    I know it’s technically Monday, but it feels like a Sunday and for me Sundays are sacred. Sundays are me time. Sundays are also reserved for recharging yourself for the week and getting yourself work ready. Prepping body, mind, soul and home! I like to start the day with planing my meals for the week and having a light breakfast, usually a protein shake, and then head to gym. After the gym I like to grab a coffee, followed by some food shopping and spending the afternoon food prepping. But my favorite part of Sunday? The pamper time. Every Sunday evening, I have a nice relaxing bath, slap on a face mask, cover my hair in a deep conditioning treatment and paint my nails. I watch crappy movies on Netflix in baggy cloths, read overpriced fashion magasins and browse Pinterest. So if you’re stuck on things to fill your Sunday with, treat yourself to rare day of me time or perhaps catch up on one of these below?

    1. Clean out your fridge, time to throw away anything questionable and unidentifiable!
    2. Clean out your bag – I have a tendency to collect recipes!
    3. Go food shopping for the whole week, its a time saver!
    4. Write your Tuesday-morning to-do list – mine will be up on the blog later!
    5. Make a weekly or even a monthly goals list of all the big things you want to accomplish!
    6. Hang up your clothes and put your closet back in order.
    7. Check the weather forecast for the week, and plan out your outfits for the next five days. Gives you that extra time in bed in the morning!
    8. You can do the same with your gym clothes too!
    9. Wash your sheets and towels. If its sunny, hang them out in the sunshine to dry!
    10. Treat yourself.

    I’ve finished meal prepping, so Im gonna put my feet up and watch some crap tv 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!


    Hey World!

    Hey world: Bank holiday weekend

    Today I did 192 lunges. I’m not joking, and surprisingly my legs dont feel half as bad as I thought they would. Tomorrow is a different story so lets deal with that later. I dont know how much good they did to my body though, because less than 2 hours later I was sat in the sun with the lovely Alice, drinking Strawberry and lime cider like it was water from the fountain of eternal youth and stuffing my face with hummus, chicken skewers (that post workout protein right!) and strawberries. Diet what diet?  Its been such a lovely weekend in sun, eating fish and chips and wandering around Kew with the boyfriend and then cosy movie nights with the house mates. I really wish all weekends were 3 days, imagine how chilled we would returning back to work on a Tuesday. Food for thought anyway. I have been so social all weekend and now all I can think about is wanting a nap (and cake), is it too late for a nap at 8:30pm? Is it ok to just have a tiny slice of cake? I also really want a bomber jacket, and some new raybans. Can somebody give me unlimited funds please? Id attach a little selfie in bed for you, because you know, thats what us bloggers do but the bags under my eyes are down to my knees, and trust me, nobody wants to see that.



    My home workspace

    HAPPY SUNDAY! You know the GREAT thing about this Sunday? It’s the fact that tomorrow is a bankholiday, so its actually kinda like Saturday!  I’m a strong believer that every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. Hands-up those who agree!

    If you know me, you know the following pictures are hilarious. When has my desk EVER looked that tidy?! I can tell you, never. (Apart from when I lived in Maidstone, hands down that flat was the cleanest tidiest place ever!) But for the sake of a huge change about to happen in my life (more on that later, its a surprise! ) I needed to clear some space in my room. So I have spent some time throwing out lots of my stuff that has been filling up space (RIP old H&M manky jewellery) and lo and behold under it there is a pretty decent desk space that is basically Instagram worthy! Who would of thunk it! Now let me just set the scene for you. This desk used to be filled with makeup, paperwork, half empty boxes and my laptop. There was NO desk space to put anything and things were pilling up. To the point I couldn’t see the pictures on the wall behind it. Im actually ashamed of the state it got to. I regret not taking a picture of it but in my sudden rush and eagerness to get rid of the mess in my life, I was too busy throwing stuff into bin bags to grab my camera for a before pic. However, enjoy the after pics!

    IMG_6731 IMG_6734 IMG_6728 IMG_6727

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