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May 2, 2016


    Sunday Bliss – 10 things to do on a Sunday

    I know it’s technically Monday, but it feels like a Sunday and for me Sundays are sacred. Sundays are me time. Sundays are also reserved for recharging yourself for the week and getting yourself work ready. Prepping body, mind, soul and home! I like to start the day with planing my meals for the week and having a light breakfast, usually a protein shake, and then head to gym. After the gym I like to grab a coffee, followed by some food shopping and spending the afternoon food prepping. But my favorite part of Sunday? The pamper time. Every Sunday evening, I have a nice relaxing bath, slap on a face mask, cover my hair in a deep conditioning treatment and paint my nails. I watch crappy movies on Netflix in baggy cloths, read overpriced fashion magasins and browse Pinterest. So if you’re stuck on things to fill your Sunday with, treat yourself to rare day of me time or perhaps catch up on one of these below?

    1. Clean out your fridge, time to throw away anything questionable and unidentifiable!
    2. Clean out your bag – I have a tendency to collect recipes!
    3. Go food shopping for the whole week, its a time saver!
    4. Write your Tuesday-morning to-do list – mine will be up on the blog later!
    5. Make a weekly or even a monthly goals list of all the big things you want to accomplish!
    6. Hang up your clothes and put your closet back in order.
    7. Check the weather forecast for the week, and plan out your outfits for the next five days. Gives you that extra time in bed in the morning!
    8. You can do the same with your gym clothes too!
    9. Wash your sheets and towels. If its sunny, hang them out in the sunshine to dry!
    10. Treat yourself.

    I’ve finished meal prepping, so Im gonna put my feet up and watch some crap tv 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!


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