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    Gooooood morning yall!

    This blog post title says everything. I am melting. Summer has finally arrived to London. I am not complaining, but it is a bit of a shock to the system to go from 15 degrees to 32 in like a day. It’s not even 11am and I am sat basking in my own sweat. But besides that, its all good. You might have guessed I am back from camping now, it was great, I got sunburned, I ate lots of seafood and spent £3 on a loaf of sourdough bread which I only had 3 slices of. Move aside P Diddy. You aint go nothin’ on this big spender. Hollaaahhhh. Lolz.

    But besides that, it’s life admin day here. We are paying bills and doing laundry before we head out into the sunshine. I cant decide, head to the beach and watch the bf fish or pop to Homebase and pimp out the garden. Decisions are hard. What I really want to do is go live in the fridge.

    On a side note, look at my adorable breakfast accessories! The glass is from Sass and Bell and the egg cup is a present from my brothers.

    IMG_8089 IMG_8073


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    That Million dollah smile

    Hola guapas! (thats btw my favorite way to start any message right now, addressed to male or female. Professional or personal. Sorry work colleagues! Not really)

    Im off into the middle of no mans land tomorrow to sleep in a tent, live of the land, and kill my dinner with my bare hands tomorrow. Jokes, I am off to sleep in a tent, but the only thing my hands will be doing is lifting the bottle of vino from the ground and up to my mouth. Cups are for losers anyway. (again, we have talked about my lack of class before right?)

    So obviously (as I learned last time) I will be without signal so I thought I would leave you all with this parting post (don’t get too excited, I will be back) about taking care of that million dollar smile. Them pearly whites! Because you know, besides being over the average obsessed with my hair, I am also slightly obsessed with my teeth. You only really get one set for life, unless you wanna get a full set of dentures and get to be that crazy old spinster aunt who takes them out when she laughs. Gag.
    If you think I am being ridiculous, a survey done by more than half of singles both men and women ranked teeth as the most important characteristic about a potential date. A nice smile is everything. It portrays happiness, and confidence. Two other characteristics single or not, people find attractive in any situation. Thats a HOT tip for all you singletons and potentially unemployed peeps out there. Just call me dating guru.

    So you got your teeth bleached its all well and great that your teeth are looking nice ready to mingle but are they healthy? Are they strong? Are you using the right toothpaste? Because apparently thats a big deal too. I was absolutely clueless until I attended the bloggers hangout last weekend and got introduced to the a toothpaste brand called Regenerate. Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste uses exclusive and clinically proven NR-5™ technology which forms a fresh supply of the same mineral tooth enamel is made of, restoring the high mineral content and protective function of tooth enamel with regular use. With regular use, this toothpaste strengthens and protects the teeth against cavities and weakness by restoring the enamel mineral content and replenishing original whiteness. It also has a nice minty flavor so its easy to replace your regular toothpaste with this super power!


    I was also given the Regenerate Enamel Science Boosting Serum which you are supposed to use monthly. It boosts the effectiveness of the Advanced Toothpaste by 43%, maximizing the power of enamel mineral regeneration but I have yet to try that so I am not gonna give you some mombo jombo about it just yet.



    Just a side note, in this below picture is actually capturing my inner crazy. Incase there was any doubt if it was there or not.


    I have only been using it for about two weeks, and I have started to notice a difference. My teeth seem less icy and I can bite into a Mr Freeze with out the feeling of my teeth starting to sing. Now give me ALL the Mr. Freeze. FANKS.

    You can pick up a tube at Lookfantastic, boots and Selfridges for £10 and see for yourself! 🙂 But hands off my Mr Freeze.

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    Hey World: Pub lunches and fat arms


    Before you read this, I just want to be crystal clear that I am not looking for compliments, validation, confidence boost or attention. I just want to tell you a little about the sucky party of being a blogger. Like when you haven’t done an outfit post in a while because you feel you ain’t got nothing nice to wear cause all your money has gone into moving flats….


    … and you have been in bed for the past week with the flu, so all you have done is slept and stuffed your face with food your PT would not approve of…


    …so you decided to pull yourself together and slap on a full face of makeup, dig out some basic clothes that are fashionable enough to wear to a Richmond pub…


    ..and blackmail your bf with beer and cheesy chips to take some pictures for you. Just to realize that you have the fattest arms in the history of arms and the skirt you are wearing makes you look fat, and the choker you decided to rock makes you look fat. So basically, if you haven’t guessed it, one of the really really sucky things about blogging is when you haven’t planned any other posts besides a stupid outfit post that makes you feel fat and in retrospect regret every life choice you have made until this point…


    ..And yes I know, I don’t have to blog, and I certainly don’t have to post an outfit but gosh darn it, I just really needed to vent.

    Thank you and good night.


    PS: That felt really good

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    9 Things to do in London this summer


    Ladies and Gentleman, it is July and when you look out the window you would think its September? What ever happened to summer? I have sandals I want to wear, Pimms I want to drink and tanning I want to do but alas not. When it comes to summer, I have a tenancy to dream of long strolls along the Saines, drinking prosecco by the eiffel tower and people watching at beautiful french bistro while stuffing my face with all the bread. I dont know why though because every time I go to Paris all I do is complain about the urin smell and also because Bergen is without a doubt my favorite place. Not Paris. There is no place like Bergen during the summer. I try to spend most of my summers there but this year London is the place to be. It’s not so bad though London has a certain je ne sais quoi to it when the sun is shining and is always packed with thing to do come rain come shine. So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things to do in London During the summer

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    The Real Greek Experience

    You just wouldn’t believe the last 7 days I have had! It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, good food and a chest infection.

    Speaking of good food, have you ever been to The Real Greek? They have locations all over London, but for some reason I always end up at the one in Westfields.  Like the time I ended up there a few years ago, when my friend Veronica was visiting, post me just getting mugged on the bus. ON THE BUS! Did you read that? It was so traumatizing, it took months before I took a bus anywhere again. I was also dead broke with not wallet (having just been mugged), and I remember I ordered some meatballs. Which actually was just 4 meatballs on a plate. Thats all I ate and if memory serves me right I think I spunged a glass of wine off of V. (Wow, what a good friend I am! V – if you ever come back to London, vino on me babes!) Having just lost all my personal belongings to a sneaky horrible woman on the bus, I wasn’t in the best of moods and in the right mind frame for the Real Greek experience.

    So fast forward to Friday 1st of July ( we are back in 2016 now) I had this amazing opportunity to meet the head chef of The Real Greek AND author of the new The Real Greek Cook Book, Tonia Buxton. (Quick fact for my Norwegian readers, this woman is Fedon Lindbergs new business partner!)  What a babe! She is face of Greek food in the UK and presenter of the award winning ‘My Greek Kitchen’ TV series. Hello total girl crush! It’s incredibly empowering meeting women who are so passionate about healthy eating. Myself and a group of lovely other bloggers had the chance to taste some of the incredible food Tonia has developed for The Real Greek. Everything from cold and hot Meze to mouth watering greek salads. The food was to die for. I left wanting more, and ask everybody I have spoken to last weekend, it’s actually all I have been talking about. Some of my favorites included a Roasted pepper and cheese dip, finished with a touch of chilli called HTIPITI, mouthwatering grilled octopus (which FYI I am still dreaming about!) and TIROPITAKIA which is a filo pastry parcel filled with creamy leek, spinach and feta. If you are a calorie counter, or just trying to watch that waistline, don’t panic, they have stated the calories on the menu next to each dish. Which is golden if you’re like me trying to get beach body ready. (Yes I laughed when I read that too)  You’d be surprised though, how healthy greek food actually is! We ended the feast with some delicious desserts, one of them being GREEK YOGHURT WITH WALNUTS IN SYRUP. My mouth started to water just typing that. Forget everything you think you know about walnuts and open your mind to tastebud heaven.

    IMG_7582 IMG_7589

    This dip? Get in my mouth!

    IMG_7590 IMG_7591 IMG_7592 IMG_7594 IMG_7596 IMG_7597 IMG_7603 Omg octopus

    IMG_7605 IMG_7607 IMG_7619 IMG_7623 IMG_7625 IMG_7627 IMG_7647

    Walnut heaven!!

    IMG_7653 IMG_7657 IMG_7659

    Moutain tea, so delish! IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7669

    Now if you don’t live anywhere close to a Real Greek restaurant, don’t fret mon petit cheri, The Real Greek Cook book is coming out on July 14th which means you can make these beautiful dishes at home! OPAH! You can pre-order yours from here. Whatcha waiting for? You know you want to! 🙂





    Bloggers Hangout 3rd birthday

    Happy Sunday beauties! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I know I have!
    It’s been such a busy week, blogging unfortunately has taken a bit of a back seat in my life. I know I know, I’m always about the excuses! If you saw last week, I posted an outfit post. I suggest you check it out here, because the dress is just bae. Anyway I actually wore that to my first – ever – blog event! iiikk scary! I attended the Blogger Hangout 3rd birthday party, in a little gallery just of the Strand. Besides the fact that it was so hot out I was sweating like a pig, I had a fantastic time! It was such a good opportunity to meet lots of other bloggers, as well as getting to know some awesome brands like Sass & Bell  – which is my new obsession for anything home, Regenerate (more on those guys later), HomeBrewtique – an adorable home brew kit for Craft beer, Faust’s Potions – My new hangover saviour, Pink Parcel and many many more! Not gonna lie it was slightly overwhelming being surrounded by so many bloggers but I actually managed to took A LOT of pictures. Most of them not so great haha. I’m so glad I went though and I can’t wait for the next one!

    IMG_7293 IMG_7294IMG_7296


    IMG_7306 IMG_7327 IMG_7328 IMG_7332 IMG_7333 IMG_7338 IMG_7346 IMG_7353 IMG_7357 IMG_7365 IMG_7688 IMG_7689 IMG_7696 IMG_7699 IMG_7701 IMG_7707 IMG_7714




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