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Tuesday tips: 10 ways to save money between jobs

Hey guys!

Yasmine here, from life of the rich and famous! Oh wait, Im not rich nor am I famous. Lets try that again.

Hey guys!

Yasmine here, but you already probably knew that. Anyway, life of unemployment going grand here. Actually, come to think of it, I wish I had a grand!
Speaking of money or lack thereof … I thought I would share my top 10 tips on ways to save money, especially when you are in between jobs. Since now I am basically an expert at it. This was gonna be part of my Tuesday tip series but I have a feeling this is gonna be published on Wednesday. Sorry guys!

  1. Make yourself an excel list over all your regular outgoings like your bills. The key to saving money is really understanding what you have to work with.
  2. Call your phone company and see if there is a chance you can change your phone contract to reduce monthly costs.
  3. Do you have any ‘luxuries’? Time to cut out that Starbucks coffee or your PT trainer… (I’m looking at you Yasmine!) or maybe both…
  4.  Why not try to earn a little extra money by selling stuff you don’t need?Like you know those two bin bags you have in the living room filled with unused clothes? Time to declutter your closet and refill your wallet.  (I certainly don’t have two bags of unused clothes in the living room annoying the shit out of the boyf…no siree…)
  5. Apparently, not shopping is a great way to save money so avoid all malls.
  6. Tightening your food budget is also a winner. Make a food plan for the week, do one food shopping for the week, and stick to it. A little insider tip, diet coke is cheaper in bulk but then again tap water is free.
  7. Porridge is a super cheap and healthy breakfast, and lunch and dinner. Morrisons do a HUGE bag of porridge oats for 16p.
  8. Also – if you’re shopping at Waitrose or M&S its time to swap to Lidl, Aldi or Morrisons. Reality check, you don’t need to pay £10 for 800grams of chicken. Apps like MySuperMarket are a great way to keep track on what stores are doing what deals.
  9. Look babes, lets get real here. If you are giving any part of your money away to support 3 eyed puppies that are born backwards its time to stop. You’re poor now, you’re the charity case not them.
  10. All joking aside – trying to save money does not mean giving up your social life. Instead of going out for dinner, invite your friends over games night or a movie night. You’re actually doing them a favour too by saving them money. What a good friend you are 😉


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