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September 2016

    Camping, Lifestyle

    Another weekend another camping trip

    Guys, when did it get so cold? I swear I was in a t-shirt and shorts this weekend, and today, today all I have been thinking about is my wooly scarf. Granted it’s a very nice wooly scarf but like its a bit early no? I mean we aren’t even in October yet! And while we are on the subject of early, what is with all the Christmas stuff?! PEOPLE ITS STILL SEPTEMBER… I dont need to see this shit yet, I still got Halloween and thanksgiving to get through before I even start to think about how I am gonna decorate the pad for xmas and what I am gonna replace last years fudge with…Ok rant over.  back when it was still summer and you know, actually warm… The Boyf and I decided to pack up our stuff and drive down to coast for a little R&R and fresh air.  I realized though that I haven’t shared the few pictures I took with you guys and ya’ll know how I love to share! Since you probably can’t tell where this is, the pictures are taken in Rye and Hastings, where I got sunburned. Yes its true, I got sunburned, in England. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. England is a beautiful country, the coast especially. As we walked along the beach, it was hard to imagine why anybody would want to spend their summers abroad.

    This is also my way of masking the fact that Im feeling blubby (that means fat) AF and don’t wanna take any outfit pics, and that I am waiting for new backdrops to arrive for my product photography so just bare with me ok!?! PLEEEEEEEASE…. Thanks babes!

    Anywho – enjoy the pics and hopefully they remind you of your summer in the sun 🙂

    IMG_8000 IMG_7975 IMG_7964 IMG_7962 IMG_7955 IMG_7948 IMG_7934 IMG_7933 IMG_7890 IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7887 IMG_7884 IMG_7892 IMG_7878 IMG_7873 IMG_7864 IMG_7867 IMG_7868 IMG_7855 IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7858 IMG_7850 IMG_7852 IMG_7833 IMG_7831 IMG_7823

    Fitness, London

    Work work work work that body!

    Hey guys! Silent Bob here! Just kidding…

    A few days ago I shared my goals for September with you. One of them being finding a new local gym. You can read about the rest of my goals here, but today I wanna talk about goal number 3 on the list. I mean, it’s well and great Im blogging about sorting my shit out, but I kinda actually have to do it as well.


    Thankfully Fusion Lifestyle and Flock Creative sorted me right out and sent me off for a day of fun at their centers. First I was off to my first Body Blast class at Brentford Leisure Center. Excited and a little bit scared, I rocked up my first class after giving myself a mental pep talk, reassuring myself that I hadn’t bitten off more than I can chew.

    Body Blast runs every Friday and Saturday morning and is held by the lovely instructor Sue. This woman is incredible. Seriously, I have never seen anybody who gives so much in a class and has so much energy. It was really contagious and it made me just want to push more ( I mean sweat more).  The class is a combination of Aerobics and BodyPump. A new one for me, who is a huge lover of BodyPump and I gotta say,  I am converted! Thank you so much Fusion Lifestyle and Flock Creative for introducing me to Body Blast! I love it!

    The class was so much fun the hour flew by.  If I wasn’t dripping in sweat I wouldn’t even notice I was working out! Now that’s quite the accomplishment if you ask me. I got so sucked into it, I completely forgot to document it. Which means, unfortunately, all you get is me post-workout all sweaty. I ended my day of gymming at Chiswick New pool splashing around in their pool, relaxing in their steam room and sauna. Feeling so relaxed and mellow afterwards, all I wanted to do was snuggle up in a duvet.



    Brentford Leisure Center, run by Fusion Lifestyle, is huge and there is something for everybody there. You can literally do a whole family day out there and not run out of stuff to do. They offer indoor badminton courts, indoor basketball courts, indoor cycling studio, indoor netball court, leisure pool, short mat bowls, soft play, sports hall, squash courts, swimming pool, trampolines, volleyball courts AND it’s a gym, with gym facilities and exercise classes. Get this though, a gym membership is under £40 a month. Under £40 a month for all that?! Shut the front door! If you’re worried about committing, because commitment is scary (and we all remember that episode of Friends when Chandler tries to quit the gym) you can pay a day price. Varied based on what kind of access you want so that you can give it a little taste. Check out their site here and do yourself a favour and pop by!

    If Brentford Leisure Center isn’t quite withing your reach, Fusion Lifestyle has gyms all over West London. Including Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre, Heston Pools and Fitness, Isleworth Leisure Centre & Library and New Chiswick Pool just to name a few!

    To give you an idea of how pumped I was after the class, I decided to share with you my inner Popeye pose.






    Hello September

    Oh September, you beaut!

    You mark the start of something magical. Fall, Autumn, orange, yellow and red leaves. Cool mornings, and chunky knits. Beanies and woolly scarfs. Layers and pumpkin spice. Love me some pumpkin spice! As much as I enjoy the sunshine that the summer brings, there is just something so freakin’ koselig about being wrapped in a chunky blanket, with a hot cup of something basking in candlelight while you know the weather outside is biting and getting darker and colder.

    The start of September also marks the 1 month anniversary of my unemployment and in fear of turning into this person who is constantly expanding her no pants radius I figured I better set myself some accomplishment goals for September. I am not including the most obvious goals – win the lottery and find out I am secretly related to Beyonce. I figured that by putting my goals out there into the world of the interwebs, a long with Brooklyn and Chloe’s break up, there would a bigger change I would actually complete them. Lolz, we all know it won’t make any difference.


    10 things I wanna do in September 

    1. Bing watch season 2 of Narcos. Netflix won’t even know what hit it.
    2. Attempt to make avo mousse and nice cream
    3. Actually find a gym within walking distance from the house because my current one is a 30 min train ride away and that just a mission.
    4. Go to said gym
    5. Go through old clothes. It’s time for a clear out
    6. Try to stop peeling my nail polish off.
    7. My hair needs a trim, and the color could do with a refresh. So off the hairdressers I go
    8. Halloween is always a big deal for me. Last year I was sick though so this year I need to make an even better costume and planning starts in September!
    9. Find something new to make for this years Christmas presents. Don’t think I can do another year of fudge
    10. Attempt to make some pumpkin pie spiced syrup to jazz up my homemade iced lattes.


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