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Tuesday Tips gone wrong

So over the weekend I did this lovely photoshoot of some new stuff I wanted share with you guys. I uploaded them to my computer, deleted them from my camera and thought no more of it. Until Monday night, when I sat down to edit them ready to post as part of my Tuesday Tips to you guys. Well as you know it is now Wednesday and yesterday showed no Tuesday tip post. Why? Because between the glitch in my brain and my laptop, the pictures vanished into the digital realm of nothingness and I am left rather unimpressed and slightly annoyed. Sod’s law, I also didn’t have a backup this week.. Sometimes even I am surprised over my own stupidity!

Oh well, maybe next weeks Tuesday tips will happen! Don’t count on it though, we all know me.

This is by the way my favourite new outfit. Shame I actually cant walk very far in heels any more, and also LOLZ at this pose and this face. Like what is going on? What am I doing? Im obviously failing on more than one level!

Ill show you more of it later, right now Im off to celebrate the lovely Lauren’s bday. Happy hump day babes!


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