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December 5, 2016

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    Matching the walls

    So you know when you buy a gorgeous light blue turquoise coat, and like all  your coat goals come together at once? And then, you know when you’re wandering around east London after a fabulous brunch with Simply Argan, Lauren from SaharaSplash sees a wall that totes matches your coat color?

    Oh sweet holy jam! It’s like a match made in heaven!


    but it’s also freezing and windy and like NOT ideal for outfit pics. I believe my face below just says it all.

    img_1157 img_1158

    This is also the day I decided to take these beautiful puppies for a walk. I mean just look at the shoes..



    img_1164 img_1166

    Now excuse me while I casually pretend to be knocking on this door.

    img_1172 img_1175

    Nobody’s home but YEAY for this wall!

    img_1178 img_1179

    Most of my look is last years bargains so incase you wanna shop it, I’ve added some similar looking stuff below.

    ShoesSimilar CoatBagSimilar Scarf

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