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    The £16 Dior Dupe earrings

    Seriously guys – Im so excited to share this awesome budget find with you!

    When it comes to jewelry, I cannot be trusted. Over the last couple of years, I have somehow managed to create this nasty habit of losing jewelry. Which is rather frustrating, as I always try to invest in key pieces that will last me a lifetime rather than some cheap stuff that will turn green in a couple of hours. You might have seen the Dior Tribal Earrings around over the past two years. They have been super popular among celebs and LOTS of high street brands have been fronting their own versions. However, the DIOR Tribal earrings come with a Dior price tag, which isn’t exactly Yasmine Wallet Friendly.

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    Cold walks and truth talks

    Hellooooooo camels back day!

    Man am I glad to see you! My manic week turned into chaotic a  week the second I left the house on Monday. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve managed to cram in a trip to the opticians, a haircut, window shopping, a trip to the cinema and some blog shoots – as well as working full time. Hello she boss! In all honestly, most of my time has actually been spent wandering around the streets of London in the cold in between appointments because I clearly am not the best at organising.  Incase you were wondering, my appointments went as followed – not only am I still going blind, I also don’t know how to take care of my hair. Even though the price tag of the million of products lined up on the bathtub edge beg to differ. I stood my ground though and somehow managed to walk out of the hair salon with the exact amount of hair left on my head that I wanted to AND without any additional products. Pat on the back to me.

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    Loving Yours

    Growing up I used to love watching my mom get ready for a night out, I loved watching her and her girlfriends put together outfits, swap clothes and do their hair and makeup. Once in a while they would let me help them curl their hair, I loved it!  They were all different, short, tall, round, thin it didn’t matter. These women were fierce, these women are beautiful. These women taught me that you should embrace yourself, and that there is no shame in wanting to look your best. They were an inspiration and still are. At the age of ten though I didn’t realize that these traits were acquired over many years of self development.

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    Hey World!, Lifestyle

    Not a Christmas haul

    Lol, gotta be honest here. Even I LOL’d when I re-read this post.. Leave it to me to go on a rant, while telling you on how to pick up an item that is sold out haha

    Oh well. dont worry. I have cut it down, by like 5 pages. I think I might have been on a roll.

    So welcome to my not a christmas haul because to be honest – I hate those freakin Christmas hauls and ‘What I got for Christmas guides’ that all bloggers and vloggers seem to be doing. Controversial I know, and I am sure I’m gonna get a few enemies in the blogosphere for say it out load too but I just had to get it off my chest. To me Christmas is personal. Giving presents is personal. At least it should be. So if you came here looking for a “oooo lemme show you all the cool stuff I got that’s gonna give you shopping envy” then you have come to the wrong place. However – if you wanna hear how I spent a day wandering around London, and visiting no less than 3 Anthropologie stores then my dear you are in luck!

    I also realised I haven’t show you guys much of our flat, and as Fola puts it, it’s pretty Pinterest worthy! I’d photograph it all but the lighting in here this time of year is terrible so let’s start with my pride and joy. The fire place. Ok maybe not the fire place but more what’s in the fire place. Specifically the beautiful geometric copper handle holders or hurricane lanterns.

    Believe it or not – these are what I trekked around London for.

    Amazing right? Worth it right? No YOU have a shopping problem

    Originally they came with a hefty price tag. Like I think the big one was £42! Who the frick has money for that?! AND there are four different sizes!


    You might have seen them on the Anthropologie website, or even in store over the past two year. BUT NOT ANY MORE! Because guess what? They have been discontinued! SAY WHAAAAT?

    So obviously when I found this out, I had a little mini breakdown, I cried and then I just accepted the fact that they will never be mine. It just wasn’t meant to be. Insert very sad Yasmine. I had put off buying them for too long and now I was paying the price.

    Imagine my delight when I strolled into Anthropologie in Richmond and saw one hidden away on a dusty top shelf. If thats not a sign, I dont know what is! It was obviously meant to be mine, regardless of price. It turns out, there were still a few stores stocking a FEW at 50% off (so Im guessing they went like hot cakes.) Within 24 hours I had trekked from Richmond to Kings Road, where I found the the next size down, I rummaged through Anthropologie in Marylebone, Regents Street (called every other store in London) AND considered a trip to Scotland in hopes of finding the last two sizes, but by then my luck had obviously run out. Also I was kinda sweaty and over it by then.

    So I have succumbed to the fact that out of 4, I have only been able to get my hands on two, at half price. But JUST LOOK AT HOW Beautiful they are!!

    Anyway I know Anthropologie Kings Road had a few of them left. In case you want them then for yourself ?

    Can we just take a minute and lol about how lengthy this post has turned out to be, and all you got out of it was how you wont be able to get these lanterns?!

    Fashion, Lifestyle

    Style before size!

    When I was 13, there was a fashion trend that the trousers you were supposed to wear, came with flares with a split, a sewn-in-seam and a size that said onesize fits all. Well, I can tell you the onesize certainly did not fit all and my already curvy body that had hit puberty just a little too early did not fit the mold. As much as I tried, the cheap fabric trousers would not suit. Luckily those trousers quickly went out of style when the likes of Trinny and Susanna hit the screens with their so called body confident tv shows about how to help women dress their size. It was all about the right bra, shapewear and wrapped dresses with a belt in the waist for those of us on the heavier side. Looking back, I honestly get a little infuriated just thinking about the whole ordeal and if I ever have to endure another wrapped dress I think I might vomit.

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    Hey World!, Lifestyle

    Top 5 highs of 2016 – because it was a good year


    Hello everybody, and welcome to the 4th day of the rest of your life. I mean year.

    I had originally planned to post this on the 1st of January but as somebody spent NYE hacking my blog, I am now 4 days late into my 2017 blog schedule. What A GREAT way to start a-fresh. Also hacker dudes, don’t you have anything better to do then to spend NYE hacking some sad girl’s blog? In any case, I’m glad I could provide you with some form of entertainment to ring in your new year!

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