10 things you thought about the end of your 20s.

I have 7 months left of my 20s. 7 freaking months. What the frick, where has the time gone?! As I am approaching 30 with what feels like the speed of lightning, I am trying to stick my finger in the ground and try to get my bearings. Like I remember when my mom turned 30 and at that age, she had moved around the world, got married, had a kid, separated, and reinvited herself by going back to uni. Superwoman much? I’m just over here trying to find the energy to put pants on. So I decided it was time I sat down, and had a HARD look as to where my life is headed. Or actually where my life was supposed to be headed according to 19 year old me.


  1. First of all, 29-year-olds were old. Like super old. Like proper adult adult old.
  2. At 29 you’d definitely were gonna have your shit in order. and by shit, I mean your life.
  3. A CAR! A nice shiny beautiful car. Preferably with low milage, and no rust. Because all 29-year-olds also have their drivers license.
  4. Kids, like an average of 2.5 of them with your own house, that has a garden and fence
  5. As a 29-year-old your life would be a combination of sex in the city, and FRIENDS.
  6. But if kids and home owning wasn’t on your agenda, you’d, of course, have a huge apartment, low rent with constant trips to the coffee shop and all the designer goods you could ever dream off.
  7. Career – you’ll have one. A well paid one too and shitty jobs would be a thing of the past.
  8. A blooming love life either with your drop dead gorgeous wealthy husband or those handsome bachelors who are falling for you like flies much thanks to that super expensive perfume you can now afford, that you actually remember to put on every day.
  9.  The body. You would most certainly be in the best shape of your life because naturally, you will still be able to stuff your face with pizza once a week, drink every weekend only meet up with your pal the Gym sporadically.
  10. Although I rarely have the urge to down jaeger bombs and party like its 2009 dancing to every Katy Perry song, above anything else, I was expecting to feel old, but instead, I feel more 19 than ever 🙂



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