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October 2017


    Glossier who? Glossier you!

    I apparently have a thing for American beauty brands recently launching in the UK… Don’t judge me!

    Also can we just all take a minute and give me a round of applause for sticking to my blog plan last week? And look – its Monday and here is a beauty post!

    Seriously winning at this!

    Glossier products - youtube review

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    15 min easy Korean Beef Salad

    Like the English weather, I too am not entirely ready to let go of summer. I mean yes I do want chunky knits and hearty stews but I also still want tanned skin, summer dresses, and fresh salads. Korean beef salad has become our happy medium, the fact that it’s towards the healthy side helps too.

    Korean beef salad

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    Dressing for you

    Recently the boyfriend and I were sat watching the Apprentice and he turned to ask me to explain how women dress. Honored and a little baffled, even I struggled to put into words why women have so many ‘styles’

    He went on to explain that for men it was mostly pretty simple… you found a style you liked and you stuck with it.

    Pearl Jacket, Mango Culottes, Chanel slingbacks fashion outfit

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    Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer dupe!

    Happy Monday sasspots!

    Are you kinda amazed by seeing this post? Yeah me too! Not really. We are starting week one of my new blog schedule and I thought I would kick it off with a little money saving tip 🙂

    I have long been a super fan of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, it’s been my go-to for years and I think anybody who’s tried it would agree there isn’t a comparison. Ok so maybe Urban Decay Naked oooor Shape tape… but I am in forever attempting to find cheaper dupes to my already expensive makeup.

    Nars concealer dupe ELF HD Lifting

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    Fashion, Lifestyle

    A little blog news

    Hey sasspots

    and happy Monday! I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I guess you are used to that by now! You know me, quality vs quantity over on this blog 😉

    but alas here I am, with a little blog related update for you!


    Checked blazer and denim skirt

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