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February 21, 2018


    Pressure of turning 30

    When it comes to turning 30, I refuse to believe I am the only one who is feeling or has felt the pressure of turning 30. Growing up 30 was always set as the milestone. Your 30 before 30 lists, things to do before your 30. ‘By the time I am 30 I want to x,y,z’

    Why is that? What makes us automatically assume that by the time you are 30, life will have magically sorted itself out? And why does it happen by the time you turn 30? Why not 40? I mean, I spent the first half of my 20s partying ( as you do) and the second half panicking over getting closer to 30 and not having achieved any of my so-called goal list. With a busy schedule like that, how on earth was I supposed to even start achieving this completely unrealistic to do list?!

    The pressure of turning 30

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