Welcome back to the circus

So here is where I am at life wise – my kitchen is in my living room, my new plant doesn’t fit the pot I bought but I refuse to accept it and I have yet again signed up to another gym, and by gym I mean the charity. I am also way too into Pokemon GO and Bones on Netflix. Welcome back to the circus.

Welcome back to the circus

My last blog post was over two months ago and I am not even sorry. I needed a full on detox and break from the constant pressure I seem to put on myself when it comes to this blog. I started it ages ago as a creative outlet. To showcase that fashion is beyond size, that food can be healthy and delicious and that fitness wasn’t just for those with no personality. And now I am more like ‘meh, effort, do I have to’ – do I even want to anymore?

Can’t I just play Pokemon Go?

I think its fair to say I’ve fallen out of love with blogging and part of me is wondering if I should just give up all together but then something will happen and suddenly I am bursting with ideas, inspiration and motivation. Go figure. But based on the ongoing trend in the industry I can clearly tell I am not alone.

Welcome back to the circus

Welcome back to the circus


It’s not just the writing side, but also the reading side of blogging. I love supporting fellow bloggers but I have completely lost interest in reading other blogs and maybe that is because everybody else is falling off the blogging bandwagon too? I mean let’s face it, its extremely uninspiring reading something that is – well, uninspired…  My business partners are also no longer asking me for articles, but for Instagram snaps and stories, and Youtube reviews. I gotta say – I kinda get it, I spend more time on my phone than I ever have.

Instant gratification is HUGE in today’s society. It plays such a large part in our day to day lives that I think we are even beyond noticing that we crave it. A quick insta snap, or a live story is a lot faster and cheaper to produce than a full-blown blog article, and as they say – a picture is worth a thousand words.


Welcome back to the circus

Welcome back to the circus

Does anybody even sit down and read blogs any more?

In another unpopular opinion, the blogging world is now overloaded with what feels like a million girls from the ages 18-24 all blogging about the same thing, trying to become the next big thing. A quick fix into easy money while they are at university but the reality is few have the talent to start racking in the dollah. Its the cold harsh truth. Don’t worry, I don’t include myself as one of those few. When somebody says ‘I wanna start blogging’ my first question is, do you have anything to say? Anything new to bring to the table? Or are you gonna flatlay on marble like the rest of us?

Perhaps it’s because of this that I have fallen out of love with this whole blogging malarky. Everybody seems like a carbon copy of each other. I cant find anybody relatable. Isn’t that what influencers are? Everyday people sharing their stories and lives that are relatable? What would you read? What do you feel is missing? I’m curious to know, and I alone in this?



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