10 things I am looking forward to this festive season

I love the festive season. I mean LOOOOVE it. It’s also usually my favorite time of year blogging. I mean let’s face it there is an abundance of inspiration around and tons of things to share. However, the last year as been… stressful to say the least and this year I am looking forward to a much-needed break. Here are the 10 things I am looking forward to this festive season

10 things this festive season!
  1. This year is a big year when it comes to Christmas! The boyfriend and I are finally spending Christmas together! The last 4 years have been spent with each of our families as none of us is willing to give up on our traditions…. haha
  2. We are hosting Christmas dinner at ours. Ok, this I’m kinda excited for, and kinda terrified about haha. Dinner for 8 people, 2 families… no pressure I mean, what can go wrong?
  3. Getting to see all my family members, both near and in-laws. The boyfriend’s parents are coming to stay with us for Christmas to celebrate with us and my side of the family and it’s going to be lovely!
  4. This one should come as no surprise to you, but I honestly can not wait to wrap Christmas presents this year! I’ll try and get a post up (don’t hold your breath) but this year’s color scheme might really surprise you 😉
  5. Since moving I have barely seen my ‘not so’ little brothers. I have every intention of forcing them to spend time with me!
  6. Our fridges and freezers are filled with stuff for Christmas eve dinner but I am itching to get baking some Christmas goods like these. I also really wanna try this recipe,
  7. I would be lying if I didn’t admit, I cannot wait to just binge some crappy made for TV Christmas movies while wrapped up in a comfy blanket on the sofa.
  8. The past 6 months have been H.E.C.T.I.C. I don’t really feel like we have settled into our home, none of the rooms are close to being finished decorated. I can’t wait to spend some time at home, just the boyfriend and me planning what we want to do.
  9. Finally, finish my walk-in-closet. 6 months of complete chaos might finally come to an end, before the end of 2019. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. Last but not least – smash the gingerbread house 😉

What are you looking forward to this festive season?

10 things this festive season!
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