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    Homemade chocolate balls – I mean truffles

    You know how like last year I went a little fudge crazy? Dont worry – I have learnt from my mistakes. There will be no fudging fudge this year. Mainly because I think I might be sick if I have to ever make another batch of fudge. Instead this year I thought I would make something that didn’t require so much erm candy knowledge… dont know if thats even a thing..




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    MUST see Christmas Movies

    H A P P Y   S A T U R D A Y

    My plan today was to get up super early and tick off lots of things on my todo list. Alas, the weather is crap and all I wanna do is snuggle up on the sofa with a massive cup of tea and a Christmas movie. There’s a million of these lists out there, and I doubt I am adding anything new really. The 1st of December marks the first day of christmas movie binging for me. It usually starts with whatever crappy straight to movie Lifetime Hallmark crap I can find on Netflix and Prime, and then as soon as we hit 7 days before the big 2-4 WHAM – on with the goodstuff, and by good stuff, I mean these great choices below!

    The Grinch

    Although I have never been a huge Jim Carrey fan, I love him in this movie. Growing up in the states I grew up with Dr. Suess so this movie is close to my heart.


    The Santa Clause

    Ok, hands down this is my favorite christmas movie. I don’t know what it is, but when the entry music starts, I get all christmassy and tingly inside. I can watch this over and over and over ahaha


    Love actually

    Its just not christmas without Love actually, this movie is just so filled with love, and its so heart warming. It now hits on other hearts strings since the passing of Alan Rickman earlier this year.


    Home Alone 2

    They say there is nothing like christmas in New York, and even though I have never celebrated christmas in NYC I feel like Home Alone 2 just takes me that little bit closer and look its Trump!


    Arthur Christmas

    I don’t love SGI movies but Arthur Christmas is just so charming, and funny and loveable, and who doesn’t love an underdog coming to save the day?


    Right enough of this, I think its movie time!

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    Filthy animals

    Today I accomplished something I haven’t done in a while. Today I woke up drunk. It brought back some glorious memories of my days at uni when Charlotte and I spent 10 days in a party haze and only sobered up to drive home to get to work a Saturday morning at 7am. Such rebellions, but as Dorothy says, somebody’s gotta raise a little hell. Which is btw like my favorite song at the moment! You should check it out watch?v=rmYyPcEQKU4

    Last nights christmas party went luckily unpublished on social media, which I think is very lucky on my part, as I am proud to say it involved downing a Le Fizz cocktail and dancing on the dinner table at Circus like the filthy animals we are.

    Arn’t you proud of me mom?! 😀

    Alas no rest of the wicked, and there are designs that erm need designing. Is it socially acceptable to eat a pint of Ben&Jerry’s at work? Hello hangover cravings. I gotta admit, I am a little ashamed that we are on the 7th of December and I havent really shared any christmas goodies with you. Dont worry though, there is a festive little treat coming tomorrow about how to buy a secret santa presents – cause I am basically the boss at it. In the mean time you can check out my last years post about the best movies to watch if you arent ready to embrace the christmas movies yet, the best way to decorate AND assemble a gingerbread house, and some cheeky present ideas for her  

    Later babes!





    Love me some wrapping

    I don’t think you can understand to what level I love wrapping. I spend weeks months planning and researching. Like originally this year I was going to go with rose colored wrapping paper with gold stars and pink satin ribbon but the cost of importing it from Sweden was just too much to handle. Seeing as this year is the first year (don’t judge me) I have a boyfriend during the holidays, I decided to put my focus on wrapping paper I could actually get on this god forsaken island. Poor boyfriend though. He never even knew what hit him when I rocked up with 24 individually wrapped presents. Yeah you read right, I made my 28 year old boyfriend an advent calendar and let me just tell you, it took forever. My mom still makes me one, and I dont think I really every understood how long it takes her until I did it myself. Like I spent an entire Saturday planning, shopping and wrapping. Totally worth it though, he deserves to be spoilt! 🙂

    As I couldn’t justify the import cost of wrapping paper, I opted for my second choice of wrapping, gold, gold and oh did I mention gold? Plus black satin ribbon. Love a little everyday luxury. I like to wrap my presents in different boxes so it throws you off a little when you open it. (Not like one of my family members who wrapped up a box for an SLR camera for me one xmas, I thought I was going to die with excitement, until I open the box and the only thing that was in it was a catalogue of different SLR cameras. Because who doesn’t want a catalogue of SLR cameras instead of the camera it self for christmas.  If you’re reading this and you’re feeling guilty, you should. I was 17, you crushed me.)

    Any way because I wrap everything in different boxes, it takes me forever to wrap everything. I wish I was joking when I said that I’ve probably spent 8 hours so far, and I’m not even done yet. If youre wondering the wrapping paper I am using for the christmas presents can be bought from, Paperchase and Tiger.

    The advent calendar wrapping paper is from Postmark and the gold bags + tags are from Tiger.

    Ps. Don’t ever use sating ribbon for wrapping xmas presents. It actually costs a fortune.

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