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    The £16 Dior Dupe earrings

    Seriously guys – Im so excited to share this awesome budget find with you!

    When it comes to jewelry, I cannot be trusted. Over the last couple of years, I have somehow managed to create this nasty habit of losing jewelry. Which is rather frustrating, as I always try to invest in key pieces that will last me a lifetime rather than some cheap stuff that will turn green in a couple of hours. You might have seen the Dior Tribal Earrings around over the past two years. They have been super popular among celebs and LOTS of high street brands have been fronting their own versions. However, the DIOR Tribal earrings come with a Dior price tag, which isn’t exactly Yasmine Wallet Friendly.

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    Loving Yours

    Growing up I used to love watching my mom get ready for a night out, I loved watching her and her girlfriends put together outfits, swap clothes and do their hair and makeup. Once in a while they would let me help them curl their hair, I loved it!  They were all different, short, tall, round, thin it didn’t matter. These women were fierce, these women are beautiful. These women taught me that you should embrace yourself, and that there is no shame in wanting to look your best. They were an inspiration and still are. At the age of ten though I didn’t realize that these traits were acquired over many years of self development.

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    Style before size!

    When I was 13, there was a fashion trend that the trousers you were supposed to wear, came with flares with a split, a sewn-in-seam and a size that said onesize fits all. Well, I can tell you the onesize certainly did not fit all and my already curvy body that had hit puberty just a little too early did not fit the mold. As much as I tried, the cheap fabric trousers would not suit. Luckily those trousers quickly went out of style when the likes of Trinny and Susanna hit the screens with their so called body confident tv shows about how to help women dress their size. It was all about the right bra, shapewear and wrapped dresses with a belt in the waist for those of us on the heavier side. Looking back, I honestly get a little infuriated just thinking about the whole ordeal and if I ever have to endure another wrapped dress I think I might vomit.

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    Zara Gilet


    Feel like this turning into one scarf, two outfits kinda thing but ignore that for now because guys, I need to tell you about something else. Don’t think I have ever told anybody this before. I’m kinda ashamed of myself, and well just really really disappointed in myself.

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    Matching the walls

    So you know when you buy a gorgeous light blue turquoise coat, and like all  your coat goals come together at once? And then, you know when you’re wandering around east London after a fabulous brunch with Simply Argan, Lauren from SaharaSplash sees a wall that totes matches your coat color?

    Oh sweet holy jam! It’s like a match made in heaven!


    but it’s also freezing and windy and like NOT ideal for outfit pics. I believe my face below just says it all.

    img_1157 img_1158

    This is also the day I decided to take these beautiful puppies for a walk. I mean just look at the shoes..



    img_1164 img_1166

    Now excuse me while I casually pretend to be knocking on this door.

    img_1172 img_1175

    Nobody’s home but YEAY for this wall!

    img_1178 img_1179

    Most of my look is last years bargains so incase you wanna shop it, I’ve added some similar looking stuff below.

    ShoesSimilar CoatBagSimilar Scarf

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    Flat shoes for the festive season

    One thing I LOVE about the festive season is how everybody seems to come together and agree that this is the season you make a little effort when it comes to the parties. This is the season to bring your A Game.  It’s one of the tings about this season I adore the most. Nice shirts, sparkling dresses, beautiful shoes, heavy fabrics, champagne flowing and Christmas songs pumping out of the stereo, enveloping you like a warm hug.

    The one thing I don’t love so much during this season is walking home from a Christmas party, in the cold, in heels. Like is it just me, or do all girls turn into some from of deformed zombie on their walk home?  Oh maybe that is just me.. Self highfive! So I have made it my mission to find flat shoes that can take you from the office, to Friday drinks in 0 point split seconds and will easily let you dance your heart out way in the early hours of Saturday mornings or even Sunday mornings! And ones that are priced in way you might even find them underneath the xmas tree 😉

    Not gonna lie, I have already clicked a few of these home… Dont judge me! Christmas comes early to girls how cant wait..


    2. Asos
    3. Dune
    4. Asos
    5. Asos
    6. Asos
    8. Zara
    10.Kurt Geiger









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    Makeup Obsession

    I give up on the whole Tuesday tip thing. I can never stick to it and before I know it, it’s Wednesday night and no blog post has gone up.

    Or like Thursday…

    So whateves, I’m being rebellious, I can recommend you stuff whenever I want! I will not let my tips be controlled by days of the week starting with T! Power to the people!

    ..No YOU need to get a life!

    So while Hannah Gale is getting sent free GHD stuff and Danielle Vanier is strutting her stuff at Dune’s SS17 press day, I’m just over here hijacking any event I can. Because let’s face it, if not I’d still be swearing to the bodyshop brow shadow. Lolz

    Which I realized I first started using 10(!!!) years ago – before brows on fleek were a thing

    The lastest event I decided needed to be graced with my presence was the launch of the new Makeup Obsession range, currently exclusive to Boots. It was a rather quick stop by, as I feared if they looked too closely at my face they would realize that my makeup was in fact 12 hours old. I’m always so prepared that way haha





    Brought to you by Tam Beauty (who own Makeup Revolution), the idea is simple really. You buy yourself an empty palette box, and fill it by picking your favorite colors in shadows, blushes, highlighters and contour swatches.  A customized palette to fit your lifestyle and your personality! It’s brilliant really – if you’re not a greedy little blogger like me and ideally want a palette box for each….which you can easily do as each swatch starts at £2! How cheap is that for an eyeshadow?! Did I mention the colors are quite beautiful too?  I took the opportunity to venture out from my usual comfort zone in shadow colors and went for something a little different and I am in love love love. It’s quickly become my go to palette. In fact, it’s the only palette I am using at the moment actually… Curious? Check them out here – come to think of it, this makes a pretty amazing Christmas present!


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    ASOS Sale bargain

    I feel like I am repeating myself when I say this but I love a good sale. Just call me Bargain Yasmine but nothing beats the joy of finding that perfect item at a reduced price. Allowing you to buy even more stuff in the long run! That’s my shopping logic btw, don’t ruin it.

    Right now there are a ton of sales on, I really recommend the RiverIsland and the ASOS sale this season, with so many lovely pieces at a reduced price my fingers are getting a little tingly. I could buy them all! I won’t, because I have severe lack of space and the boyf will kill me but I probably will because I have no self-control and you know, bargains and saving money in the long run. A very wise woman (my mother) once told me that if you really wanna win at sales you should pick key items, with expensive fabric that you probably wouldnt buy full price. So when I came across this skirt I got a little over the top excited. I have a soft spot for A-line skirts, popper fronts and tan suede. And its on sale! Like hello, meant to be much? Anyway, I realize that they only have one size left so sorry about that… but Ive attached some that are similar for you to peruse over.

    img_0367 img_0390 img_0388 img_0306 img_0272 img_0262 img_0322 img_0271

    You can buy the skirt here in the one size they have left or similar ones here and here aaaaand here

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    Whats for Halloween this year?

    Today I did something that makes me feel incredibly grown up. Today I bought a glue gun. I don’t know why, but owning a glue gun to me just symbolizes adulthood. And why you might ask am I buying a glue gun? For Halloween of course! 🙂 Each year (sans last year) I try to make my costume from scratch, inspired by costumes people have posted on Pinterest. Over the years I have been Tom Cruise from Risky Business, the twitter bird logo and a scary tooth fairy just to name a few!


    And this year is no different! It takes time to make a decent Halloween costume. Lots of planning and trial and error go into making a costume from scratch. Thankfully the BRILLIANT ladies at Golin PR and Cadburys sent me over some Halloween Treats to munch on while I get my glue gun action on. I absolutely fell in love with the Ghooost Egg, it was torture having to patiently photograph these before I could stuff my face. The Cadbury Crunchy Spiders are perfect to decorate a Halloween dinner table with. You could even decorate your house with some fake cobwebs and add a little chocolate treat to them or you know, you could just eat them…And like, Heroes? More like heroes for my mouth. I dont understand why the bag says family bag though. Im blatantly not sharing, and certainly not with my family. They can go get their own chocolate.

    img_0909 img_0911 img_0923 img_0897

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    How to rock pale legs

    I think it’s safe to say summer my dears is officially well and truly over. And you know how I know? By my reduced interest in self-tanning. Now that the sun has been replaced with wind and rain, I don’t feel so bad showing off my ghostly white legs


    Look here is even a close-up! With my tassleastic bag from Zara


    img_0409 img_0439

    My whole outfit, well besides my bag and shoes and watch I found in H&M. The skirt is probably one of my favorites. Perfect on its own, or under short dresses. I think I paid something like £9! They don’t have it online but I am sure you can find it in any H&M store 🙂



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