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    That jacket though

    Ok so lets try this posting thing again shall we?
    On of the hot trends of this season (for like the last 3 years) has been denim jackets with borg lining. I have probably been to every high street store in London, and browsed every online store, that ships to the UK in the search for the perfect one. I wanted one that wasn’t too short, baggy but yet fitted. One I could squeeze a knitted jumper under if it gets too cold. And one that had a stone washed colour. Huge bonus would also be if it didn’t end up costing me an arm and a leg. So you know, not asking for much!


    I found this little beauty at River Island, who is currently, in my option SMASHING it this season with their collection. This jacket doesnt have a full borg lining, its pretty much just what you see in the picture and that suits me perfectly! I also gotta add that NewLook is doing a BEAUT of a denim jacket which was also high on my list… I just cant justify having two… or can I?

    img_0233 img_0224

    I paired it with this super versatile and work friendly black swing dress from ASOS which has become a staple in my wardrobe and can be dressed or dressed up, as well as my trusty FjallRaven backpack (which every scandinavian, and wannabe scandinavian should own) and some beat up old Nike Roshe. Keeping it casual on a whole new level! I wore this outfit to work, and it was like the perfect work attire. You just cant beat a LBD!

    img_0238 img_0207

    The jacket you can find here, and some similar versions from New Look here (which to be honest was basically in my hand on the way to the till as its got lining all the way through!) and, Topshop here . The black swing dress is still available from ASOS here


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    Tuesday Tips gone wrong

    So over the weekend I did this lovely photoshoot of some new stuff I wanted share with you guys. I uploaded them to my computer, deleted them from my camera and thought no more of it. Until Monday night, when I sat down to edit them ready to post as part of my Tuesday Tips to you guys. Well as you know it is now Wednesday and yesterday showed no Tuesday tip post. Why? Because between the glitch in my brain and my laptop, the pictures vanished into the digital realm of nothingness and I am left rather unimpressed and slightly annoyed. Sod’s law, I also didn’t have a backup this week.. Sometimes even I am surprised over my own stupidity!

    Oh well, maybe next weeks Tuesday tips will happen! Don’t count on it though, we all know me.

    This is by the way my favourite new outfit. Shame I actually cant walk very far in heels any more, and also LOLZ at this pose and this face. Like what is going on? What am I doing? Im obviously failing on more than one level!

    Ill show you more of it later, right now Im off to celebrate the lovely Lauren’s bday. Happy hump day babes!


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    Blog post number 105 and bardot dresses

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate that this is blog post number 105? I mean, A – who would have ever thought I would make it to 105? B – and who would have ever thought I had enough to say to fill, not one but one hundred and five blog posts?! Not me. Who am I kidding, of course me! Have you met me? When do I ever stop talking?


    This 105 post marks something kinda new for me, embracing the life of a full-time blogger, because what else is there to do while I apply for work? – Anyway, I digress, I had a chance the other week to meet up with a fellow full-time blogger Lauren from Saharasplash for a little outfit shoot. A new experience to be mingling with the big leagues!



    It also gave me the chance to bring out this absolute bargain of a dress. The bardot style is rather new to me but one I love love love. I mean seriously, who knew shoulders could be so flattering and well sexy? I didn’t!

    IMG_8961 IMG_8973  It’s just a great way to show a little skin, without being vulgar, and boobie. Because that is a thing! It’s so flattering (especially for us boobie girls) you could even get it in a smaller size cause the fabric gives a little.


    But the best thing about this dress is that it’s only £13!!!! Yes you read right £13! With a price tag like that, even us unemployed losers can afford to treat ourselves once in a while.  Where you might ask? Primark my dear. This sweet little bargain of joy is a such a steal I cant help but smile. Just look at the picture below. You cant fake shit like that.


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    Wearin’ sunglasses too

    Sponsored post


    Ladies and gentleman, I am about to share with you a huge secret. The secret of one of the benefits of life of unemployment. Can you guess it? It is that you have all the time in the world to attend mid-week blog events. And you can spend hours trying to perfect your outfit. And makeup. Like contouring. Who has time for that shit? I do! No wonder all my favorite bloggers look so fabulous!


    So you spend all this time putting stuff together just to realise all your outfits suck because you are not a natural fashion icon. So to show a middle finger to all those who say curvy (love handle) girls can’t wear bodycon dresses I threw on this little treat of a Primark dress that cost a whopping £10. I tied a shirt around my waist in a desperate attempt to hide said love handles, put on some sexy shades and walked, no strutted out the door. Off I went to #ANEVENINGWITH organized by the River Island Studio.


    It’s not the dress I want to talk about though. It’s the shades. They are from a brand called Retro London, launched by Nicholas King (who designed for the likes of Chanel, John Galliano and Donna Karen!) and are part of their limited edition range where all profits go to Orbis whose treatments prevent avoidable blindness. Love supporting a good cause when I can 🙂

    Gifted by the lovely, you can now get them in the sale by clicking here! But hurry, they only have 3 pairs left of this model! And just so you know, Sunglasseshop offer free shipping in Norway (and the US, and Australia and the rest of Europe) and are vat registered! That means no extra hidden cost for you! Which if you live in Norway, and are a savvy online shopper you know this is kinda a big freaking deal.

    IMG_9298 IMG_9305

    Now excuse me while I strut my stuff in my awesome shades basically imagining I’m Demi Levato in ‘Cool for the summer’ to my bbq event with Heinz today. Speak to you laters peeps!



    Ps. Although these sunnies were gifted, the options and views of the product are my own.

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    Pale skin and shoes for sale

    Good morning beauties!

    Don’t worry, I’m not gonna start every blog post as part of some lame countdown into losing my mind. But in case you have forgotten, we are now on day 4 and let me tell you this. It’s totally fine spending your entire day either at home, at the gym, or walking to and from the shop. What’s not fine is when you realize that those are the only things you will be doing for a while – Que mini mental breakdown. JOKES – I’m still loving this! Like today, I got up at 8:30, and read. In bed. I’m catching up on so much life admin, it’s actually unreal. Like going through old photoshoots and actually spending time editing the pictures. Like below! Also, I’m thinking of selling these shoes, I have worn them twice.. any takers?

    Now please can we all just take a moment and appreciate how pale I am in these pictures? (And also appreciate my muscle-toned legs, woah mama!) I am basically as white as my skirt. I don’t think I have ever been this pale… Good thing I have nothing to do now but lay around in the sun. Now I just gotta find me some sun… Anybody wanna send my unemployed butt on an all-inclusive holiday? Come on, be a babe!






    Seriously though, if you are keen on the shoes drop me a comment!


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    Hey World: Pub lunches and fat arms


    Before you read this, I just want to be crystal clear that I am not looking for compliments, validation, confidence boost or attention. I just want to tell you a little about the sucky party of being a blogger. Like when you haven’t done an outfit post in a while because you feel you ain’t got nothing nice to wear cause all your money has gone into moving flats….


    … and you have been in bed for the past week with the flu, so all you have done is slept and stuffed your face with food your PT would not approve of…


    …so you decided to pull yourself together and slap on a full face of makeup, dig out some basic clothes that are fashionable enough to wear to a Richmond pub…


    ..and blackmail your bf with beer and cheesy chips to take some pictures for you. Just to realize that you have the fattest arms in the history of arms and the skirt you are wearing makes you look fat, and the choker you decided to rock makes you look fat. So basically, if you haven’t guessed it, one of the really really sucky things about blogging is when you haven’t planned any other posts besides a stupid outfit post that makes you feel fat and in retrospect regret every life choice you have made until this point…


    ..And yes I know, I don’t have to blog, and I certainly don’t have to post an outfit but gosh darn it, I just really needed to vent.

    Thank you and good night.


    PS: That felt really good

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    The first of many

    Evening lovelies

    I don’t know about you, but I am really glad it’s the weekend! Right now I’m sat in the kitchen watching the boyf cook me a roast dinner while I enjoy a nice glass of wine. Ok there is no wine. There is diet coke in an old jam jar because lets face it, I am just not that sophisticated. Tonight is date night and by date night I mean, sweat pants and Game of Thrones on repeat.  I just gotta convince him that shows like PPL are the way forward too but in all honesty, Ill probably be watching his fishing videos before that ever happens!

    Anyway, that wasn’t really what I wanted to tell you about… Today something HUGE happened. So you know how I have frequently mentioned before that I was in the process of convincing (read: blackmail and bribing) the boyf to help me take some outfit pics? It happened, today it actually happened! And you know what? Im rather impressed. The pictures turned out WAY better than expected! Not that I ever doubted him or anything…but like HURRAY! Thanks boo! Perfect timing as well as this outfit is like my favorite at the moment (so be prepared to see it A LOT). I feel like I just had to share it with you guys. What I love the most about it, is that in many ways it’s so unlike me. I’m really pushing my boundaries in terms of my fashion comfort zone here. It’s so colorful and vibrant though and well, patterny! Not sure thats even a word. However, I did get the dress which by the way, is in satin, for a bargain on the H&M website. £14.99 baby! And they say you cant put a price on love…pffft! H&M also have it in plum red and not gonna lie, Im probably gonna have to order that too. Oh and the shoes? From topshop and so so so comfy.

    Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend 🙂

    IMG_7420 IMG_7418 IMG_7406 IMG_7401 IMG_7395 IMG_7388IMG_7377




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    Back again

    Guess whos back, back again? (help me, I’ve got Eminem stuck in my head!)

    Im currently lying on the sofa, nursing a hangover and trying to consume my body weight in diet coke while I wait for my home made pita pizza consisting of 75% cheese to be finished. Having said that, I started out really well this morning with a glass of kale juice and a bowl of strawberry quark. Somewhere it went down hill and I just want all the cheese. No surprise I feel far from fresh, with last nights mascara is still trying to desperately cling to my eyelashes, and my hair crusty from too much hair spray. The bf is so lucky, cause I am clearly such a catch! This is why I rarely go out, I despise hangovers, and sadly I always gets some really bad ones. But I am grabbing this opportunity to sit down and update this blog, because I know its been a while. Lets start with these outfit pics, taken back when the sun was so bright it made my skin look ghostly white. I hope you all are having a great weekend. Im off to buy some ice cream,  but dont tell the bf because I dont wanna share. haha sorry not sorry! Happy sunday!

    IMG_7111 IMG_7112 IMG_7130 IMG_7109

    Shoes Birkenstock, Skirt ZARA, T-shirt H&M, bag Whistles and sunnies rayban

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    Oh ASOS you temptress you!

    I dont know whats wrong with me today, all I want to do is lay down and sleep. Is it too late for coffee at 7pm? I thought maybe the ASOS sale would help but alas no. With it’s 70% off spring discount its super difficult to not just click away into online purchase heaven. But Im being good, so instead Im showing you guys some of my favorite sale items so that you can snatch them up instead of me. Im too nice to you! I cant believe some of these are under a tenner! Bargain! Now Im gonna go find something that drags my eyelids off the floor. Open to suggestions!


    1.Here 2.Here 3.Here 4.Here 5.Here 6.Here 7.Here 8.Here 9. Here

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    5 things to do in London this weekend – The April edition

    Afternoon peeps! I thought I would start something new on the blog. Tips on what to do in London! What do you think? Is that something you would be interested in? They say if you are tired of London, you’re tired of life. The thing is, in London there is always something to do, if you’re not careful you can get a serious case of FOMO (Fear of missing out). So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things to do in London. Some of these are even free! If you’re new to London I recommend checking out my previous post on top tips on surviving in London here. Happy reading! Or shall I say, Happy exploring!

    large (3)

    Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at the Victoria and Albert Museum

    Ooo la la la and sacré bleu! The Victoria and Albert Museum is hosting this revealing exhibition about the changing roles and practicalities of underwear through the centuries. You can see more than 200 men and women’s garments and accessories, as well as photographs and films. You can even catch items worn by Queen Victoria’s mother and Kate Moss!

    Visit Europe’s first Thai Temple

    The Buddhapadipa temple, in Wimbledon was the first Thai temple ever built in Europe. How cool is that?! Actually it was setup in Richmond in 1965 but moved in 1976. The grounds and its training center is open to visitors as long as they observe the rules.

    Eat at London’s oldest indian restaurant

    Veeraswamy is the UK’s oldest surviving Indian restaurant. It was established in Regents Street in 1926 (and its still there!) Customers have included Charlie Chaplin, King Hussein of Jordan and Marlon Brando!

    Buy Swedish at Totally Swedish

    The Totally Swedish shop, in Crawford Street, combines the flavor of Sweden. A calling for all those swedes that call London home! Swedish food, children’s products and handicrafts. Its like IKEA in central London!

    Drink in a Victorian Gin Palace

    The Princess Louise, in Holborn built in 1872 is one the finest remaining examples of a Victorian Gin Palace, with a fantastic decor dating back to the 19th century, its also has victorian toilets! (ok a little ew)

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