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    Hanky Panky?

    As Valentines day approaches I know there is a lot of you cringing at just the thought of celebrating a day of love. Everybody knows that word on the street is that boys hate Valentine’s Day. If you ask me though,  I think that’s because they think it’s all about the women in their lifes. So this year Im turning it around. Its time to shower the men in our lives and help them channel their inn Chuck Bass.

    I mean look at these pocket squares! Aren’t they to die for? Hanky Panky Pocket Squares is a company run by a couple in London. All the squares are made out of quality fabric and the best part? They are handmade by Toby and Olivia! I just love all the unique patterns and the softness of the fabric. Seriously considering buy loads and make a massive blankets out of them and just wrap myself up!  You can buy them here and with the discount code yasminesvday you can get 15% off your order 🙂 I just think they are so beautiful, wonder if I can get away with using pocket squares…

    IMG_5852 IMG_5870 IMG_5853 copy


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    I love February! Its my birthday month, it’s the bf and mine’s anniversary, there is pancake day, valentines day, the Superbowl and did I mention its my birthday? I have a thing for birthdays. Basically every weekend this month is packed. Which is so exciting!

    Just as I was uploading these images I realised that I am again posting an outfit in fluffy pink sweater… maybe I have thing for those too… This button down denim skirt though was a whole £7 on ASOS! Talk about bargain! You can find it here (there are still some sizes left!) It’s taken almost a week but I have finally stopped itching after getting an allergic reaction to some bug bites. You can still see the dark swelling next to my eyes though. Hope they aren’t planning on staying around for long.

    2016-01-24 16.28.07

    2016-01-24 16.30.31

    2016-01-24 16.32.02

    2016-01-24 16.31.30

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    Giant Marshmallow

    ITS ALMOST THE WEEEKEND!!! Im so excited! Im also really excited about this being my first fashion post! (its  a little scary!) I dont know about you but January is really slugging along. It doesn’t help that  our washing machine broke this week. On the other hand, it did give me a great excuse to go shopping.. not that I needed one! I got my entire outfit for £40, a bargain if you ask me. I still cant decide if this sweater makes me look like a giant marshmallow though.. If youre wondering my jeans are from H&M, and my fluffy jumper is from ASOS. (There are some links at the bottom of the post – you’re welcome) Im spending my weekend with friends and cleaning the house. Im not so excited about the last one… What are you weekend plans?

    IMG_5459 copy


    IMG_5461 copy1 2016-01-14 15.07.10 2016-01-14 15.11.06

    You can buy my  bag here, jeans here, sunnies here and scarf here

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