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    Whats for Halloween this year?

    Today I did something that makes me feel incredibly grown up. Today I bought a glue gun. I don’t know why, but owning a glue gun to me just symbolizes adulthood. And why you might ask am I buying a glue gun? For Halloween of course! 🙂 Each year (sans last year) I try to make my costume from scratch, inspired by costumes people have posted on Pinterest. Over the years I have been Tom Cruise from Risky Business, the twitter bird logo and a scary tooth fairy just to name a few!


    And this year is no different! It takes time to make a decent Halloween costume. Lots of planning and trial and error go into making a costume from scratch. Thankfully the BRILLIANT ladies at Golin PR and Cadburys sent me over some Halloween Treats to munch on while I get my glue gun action on. I absolutely fell in love with the Ghooost Egg, it was torture having to patiently photograph these before I could stuff my face. The Cadbury Crunchy Spiders are perfect to decorate a Halloween dinner table with. You could even decorate your house with some fake cobwebs and add a little chocolate treat to them or you know, you could just eat them…And like, Heroes? More like heroes for my mouth. I dont understand why the bag says family bag though. Im blatantly not sharing, and certainly not with my family. They can go get their own chocolate.

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