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    Another weekend another camping trip

    Guys, when did it get so cold? I swear I was in a t-shirt and shorts this weekend, and today, today all I have been thinking about is my wooly scarf. Granted it’s a very nice wooly scarf but like its a bit early no? I mean we aren’t even in October yet! And while we are on the subject of early, what is with all the Christmas stuff?! PEOPLE ITS STILL SEPTEMBER… I dont need to see this shit yet, I still got Halloween and thanksgiving to get through before I even start to think about how I am gonna decorate the pad for xmas and what I am gonna replace last years fudge with…Ok rant over.  back when it was still summer and you know, actually warm… The Boyf and I decided to pack up our stuff and drive down to coast for a little R&R and fresh air.  I realized though that I haven’t shared the few pictures I took with you guys and ya’ll know how I love to share! Since you probably can’t tell where this is, the pictures are taken in Rye and Hastings, where I got sunburned. Yes its true, I got sunburned, in England. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. England is a beautiful country, the coast especially. As we walked along the beach, it was hard to imagine why anybody would want to spend their summers abroad.

    This is also my way of masking the fact that Im feeling blubby (that means fat) AF and don’t wanna take any outfit pics, and that I am waiting for new backdrops to arrive for my product photography so just bare with me ok!?! PLEEEEEEEASE…. Thanks babes!

    Anywho – enjoy the pics and hopefully they remind you of your summer in the sun 🙂

    IMG_8000 IMG_7975 IMG_7964 IMG_7962 IMG_7955 IMG_7948 IMG_7934 IMG_7933 IMG_7890 IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7887 IMG_7884 IMG_7892 IMG_7878 IMG_7873 IMG_7864 IMG_7867 IMG_7868 IMG_7855 IMG_7818 IMG_7819 IMG_7858 IMG_7850 IMG_7852 IMG_7833 IMG_7831 IMG_7823

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    Tuesday tips: 10 ways to save money between jobs

    Hey guys!

    Yasmine here, from life of the rich and famous! Oh wait, Im not rich nor am I famous. Lets try that again.

    Hey guys!

    Yasmine here, but you already probably knew that. Anyway, life of unemployment going grand here. Actually, come to think of it, I wish I had a grand!
    Speaking of money or lack thereof … I thought I would share my top 10 tips on ways to save money, especially when you are in between jobs. Since now I am basically an expert at it. This was gonna be part of my Tuesday tip series but I have a feeling this is gonna be published on Wednesday. Sorry guys!

    1. Make yourself an excel list over all your regular outgoings like your bills. The key to saving money is really understanding what you have to work with.
    2. Call your phone company and see if there is a chance you can change your phone contract to reduce monthly costs.
    3. Do you have any ‘luxuries’? Time to cut out that Starbucks coffee or your PT trainer… (I’m looking at you Yasmine!) or maybe both…
    4.  Why not try to earn a little extra money by selling stuff you don’t need?Like you know those two bin bags you have in the living room filled with unused clothes? Time to declutter your closet and refill your wallet.  (I certainly don’t have two bags of unused clothes in the living room annoying the shit out of the boyf…no siree…)
    5. Apparently, not shopping is a great way to save money so avoid all malls.
    6. Tightening your food budget is also a winner. Make a food plan for the week, do one food shopping for the week, and stick to it. A little insider tip, diet coke is cheaper in bulk but then again tap water is free.
    7. Porridge is a super cheap and healthy breakfast, and lunch and dinner. Morrisons do a HUGE bag of porridge oats for 16p.
    8. Also – if you’re shopping at Waitrose or M&S its time to swap to Lidl, Aldi or Morrisons. Reality check, you don’t need to pay £10 for 800grams of chicken. Apps like MySuperMarket are a great way to keep track on what stores are doing what deals.
    9. Look babes, lets get real here. If you are giving any part of your money away to support 3 eyed puppies that are born backwards its time to stop. You’re poor now, you’re the charity case not them.
    10. All joking aside – trying to save money does not mean giving up your social life. Instead of going out for dinner, invite your friends over games night or a movie night. You’re actually doing them a favour too by saving them money. What a good friend you are 😉



    10 things that run through your mind before you quit your job

    IMG_95913 weeks in and Im still riding my ‘strong independent woman’ wave so I figured I would share my empowerment! Come, grasp the moment and seize the day! Carpe Diem and all that jazz! I now feel like I made the craziest decision of my life, and you know I’m totes quite the rebellion and probably super stupid… anywho, if any of you feel inspired by my recent life choices of suddenly quitting my job, these are 10 of the tings that will run through your mind


      What will I do with all my time? Will anybody ever hire me? Will I never have another job again?

    2.  Wait – How am I gonna pay my bills?

      Hold on, does money grow on trees? Can I poop it? Will Kanye and Kim Kardashian adopt me?

    3. Is this actually going to make me happy?

      Or will I end up sitting around in my sweatpants crying while eating fried and chilled food from oversized paper tubs?

    4. What if nobody will hire me?

      What if I will never be employed again? What if it turns out I’m unemployable?

    5. Am I strong enough to do this?

      Or am I silently going to go mad with all this ‘me’ time?

    6. Am I shooting my career in the foot?

      That’s it, I can no longer do what I have been doing for the rest of my life. Because that was working out so well, seeing as I want to leave. Great opportunity for that career change! (Hello blogging!)

    7. How can I save a lot of money in a very short amount of time

      Goodbye Costa coffee and fresh flowers. And life.

    8. Do I have enough savings?

      Probably not.

    9. Are my parents going to think I am mad?

      Probably yes

    10. Am I making the right decision?

      Change is good. Make the jump, it will make you stronger 🙂


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    Real Greek cookbook Giveaway

    This giveaway is sponsored by Blink Publishing and The Real greek.


    Guys, I have GREAT news. No, seriously they are really really great! I have totally won the lottery! Jokes, I wish though! No so the news it is actually that the aaaamazing people at Blink Publishing have given me a copy of the Real Greek cookbook, to give to one of you guys! How cool is that?! Oh and just in case you didn’t know this, this is actually my first giveaway so it’s KINDA a big freaking deal to me!

    Before you even stop to think if this is even worth entering I want you to take a moment and look at the pictures in this blog post right here. Now tell me you aren’t drooling. If you do, you are lying.

    I mean look at these deeeeeelish fried aubergines I made from the book. Yum YumIMG_8699 IMG_8726

    And then there was the peach and halloumi Salad.  Say whaaaaaat?
    Let me say that again, PEACH AND HALLOUMI SALAD!!


    and not to be forgotten, the delish roast pepper and feta dip that was so good it didn’t even make it into the photography stage. Rest in peace you beautiful thing. You tasted like heaven.

    So basically, you want this book. Hell, if you are a foodie, or just a person who you know, eats food, you need this book and its super simple. Since greek food is all about eating together all you gotta do is

    1. Tag two friends you would like to eat a greek meal with on Instagram


    2. Share this post on facebook here

    To double your chances, do both! Voila and you’re entered!

    Giveaway ends Monday 29th 🙂


    Thanks again to Blink Publishing and The Real Greek for gifting this book and sponsoring this post!

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    9 Things to do in London this summer


    Ladies and Gentleman, it is July and when you look out the window you would think its September? What ever happened to summer? I have sandals I want to wear, Pimms I want to drink and tanning I want to do but alas not. When it comes to summer, I have a tenancy to dream of long strolls along the Saines, drinking prosecco by the eiffel tower and people watching at beautiful french bistro while stuffing my face with all the bread. I dont know why though because every time I go to Paris all I do is complain about the urin smell and also because Bergen is without a doubt my favorite place. Not Paris. There is no place like Bergen during the summer. I try to spend most of my summers there but this year London is the place to be. It’s not so bad though London has a certain je ne sais quoi to it when the sun is shining and is always packed with thing to do come rain come shine. So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things to do in London During the summer

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    Bloggers Hangout 3rd birthday

    Happy Sunday beauties! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I know I have!
    It’s been such a busy week, blogging unfortunately has taken a bit of a back seat in my life. I know I know, I’m always about the excuses! If you saw last week, I posted an outfit post. I suggest you check it out here, because the dress is just bae. Anyway I actually wore that to my first – ever – blog event! iiikk scary! I attended the Blogger Hangout 3rd birthday party, in a little gallery just of the Strand. Besides the fact that it was so hot out I was sweating like a pig, I had a fantastic time! It was such a good opportunity to meet lots of other bloggers, as well as getting to know some awesome brands like Sass & Bell  – which is my new obsession for anything home, Regenerate (more on those guys later), HomeBrewtique – an adorable home brew kit for Craft beer, Faust’s Potions – My new hangover saviour, Pink Parcel and many many more! Not gonna lie it was slightly overwhelming being surrounded by so many bloggers but I actually managed to took A LOT of pictures. Most of them not so great haha. I’m so glad I went though and I can’t wait for the next one!

    IMG_7293 IMG_7294IMG_7296


    IMG_7306 IMG_7327 IMG_7328 IMG_7332 IMG_7333 IMG_7338 IMG_7346 IMG_7353 IMG_7357 IMG_7365 IMG_7688 IMG_7689 IMG_7696 IMG_7699 IMG_7701 IMG_7707 IMG_7714




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    6 Things to do in London this weekend – May Edition


    The great thing about London is that there always something to do. Unless you accept the fact that you cant do everything, you’re gonna get a bad case of FOMO. After living in London for almost 5 years, I still find it hard to keep up with the city that is forever changing. Like, as an example, in all my time here I have only been able to find one independent restaurant that I absolutely love. Sadly its gone bust and I was only able to go there 4 times. I have yet to find a Lebanese restaurant quite like it and trust me I have tried a lot of Lebanese restaurants. There is however, some things I do know about London. These below are a great way to spend your weekend!

    1. Club de Fromage on Ice!


      Who doesn’t love cheesy pop music and ice skating? The ice rink disco is a  coming-of-age rite of passage and luckily Club de Fromage are allowing us grown-ups to revisit it. The pop music will be present and correct – everything from Abba to Taylor Swift – and there is bar too. Fancy dress is welcome but not obligatory and there’ll be games and prize giveaways while you’re on the ice. You can bring your own skates, or rent some!

    2. Wander Walthemstow Marshes

      Walthemstow Marshes is home to a wide array of wildlife and is a site of special scientific interest. Its the home of rare plant creeping marshwort and bird such as reed bunting, sedge warbler and willow warbler.

    3. Learn the history of Parliament at the Jewel Tower

      The Jewel Tower, in Westminster, was built around 1365 and is one of only a handful of parts of the original medieval Royal Palace of Westminster. Today it’s open to the public, and hosts a permanent exhibition charting the history of the Houses of Parliament from medieval times to present day.

    4. Visit the Design Museum

      Founded in 1989 in an hold banana warehouse besides the Thames the Design museum claims to be the first museum of modern design. It has around 200.000 visitors each year and is internationally recognised centre offering a brilliant insight into what is happening in the world of design

    5. Take the Marx and Engels pub crawl

      Given that Marxism had such an impact on global politics, its easy to forget that these two men were quite ordinary. Their pub crawls are legendary, starting for the British Museum, to the Museum Tavern and then dropping by 18 pubs down Tottenham Court Road. Though there are fewer today, its still a trip worth attempting, and the Museum Tavern is a great place to start!

    6. Take a tour by black cabs

      If you’re feeling like P Diddy, why not treat yourself to a black cab tour? London has more than 20.000 licensed black cabbies. These guys have to prove they have ‘the knowledge’ of London before they can get their license. They are basically the perfect tour guide, and will be able to show you around to the nooks and crannies which most Londoners have never seen. If you ask nicely that is!

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    5 things to do in London this weekend – The April edition

    Afternoon peeps! I thought I would start something new on the blog. Tips on what to do in London! What do you think? Is that something you would be interested in? They say if you are tired of London, you’re tired of life. The thing is, in London there is always something to do, if you’re not careful you can get a serious case of FOMO (Fear of missing out). So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things to do in London. Some of these are even free! If you’re new to London I recommend checking out my previous post on top tips on surviving in London here. Happy reading! Or shall I say, Happy exploring!

    large (3)

    Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at the Victoria and Albert Museum

    Ooo la la la and sacré bleu! The Victoria and Albert Museum is hosting this revealing exhibition about the changing roles and practicalities of underwear through the centuries. You can see more than 200 men and women’s garments and accessories, as well as photographs and films. You can even catch items worn by Queen Victoria’s mother and Kate Moss!

    Visit Europe’s first Thai Temple

    The Buddhapadipa temple, in Wimbledon was the first Thai temple ever built in Europe. How cool is that?! Actually it was setup in Richmond in 1965 but moved in 1976. The grounds and its training center is open to visitors as long as they observe the rules.

    Eat at London’s oldest indian restaurant

    Veeraswamy is the UK’s oldest surviving Indian restaurant. It was established in Regents Street in 1926 (and its still there!) Customers have included Charlie Chaplin, King Hussein of Jordan and Marlon Brando!

    Buy Swedish at Totally Swedish

    The Totally Swedish shop, in Crawford Street, combines the flavor of Sweden. A calling for all those swedes that call London home! Swedish food, children’s products and handicrafts. Its like IKEA in central London!

    Drink in a Victorian Gin Palace

    The Princess Louise, in Holborn built in 1872 is one the finest remaining examples of a Victorian Gin Palace, with a fantastic decor dating back to the 19th century, its also has victorian toilets! (ok a little ew)


    Goodbye 2015 – You’ve been great!

    Ive had a little look around other blogs, and apparently as the year comes to an end its normal to have a little recap. Usually of what you wore during the year that went. Now I’ve only been back in the blogging realm for like a month or so, so needless to say I don’t have a library of outfit pics to show you. However, I thought it would tell you about my 2015 and what you missed. Month by month. I really am too nice to you. Have to say, when I started this post I was a bit concerned that wasnt going to be able to share anything from this year. But as I flicked through the pictures on my phone (excuse the quality) I have realized, what a year it has been!


    Hello I work here! After living in London for 3 years, I finally landed what could potentially be my dream job. Lucid, bet you’re regretting that.

    My beautiful friend Marte came to visit London and we spent a lot of time just being kids at the zoo.



    February was a big month for me.  I had the flu for most of it. I turned 27 – with the flu, drank like 20 jaegerbombs in one night and woke up the next day with no hangover. Huge accomplishment! But at the very top of my month, at the top of my year was the day I met the boyfriend. Thats probably the most amazing part of 2015. I also spent a lot of time in Norway with the family and went on countless dates with this beauty




    What scares me the most, is the fact that its almost a year since Rob and Emma got married. What a wedding it was! What a beautiful day 🙂



    Did I mention I spent a lot of time in Norway this year? This skiing trip was my 4th trip to Norway so far in 2015. Also realized that skiing is probably still not my thing.

    IMG_9709 IMG_9711


    Filip turned 12. That to me is so strange and it is so scary that in 2016 he turns into a teenager. I also flew home to celebrate his birthday and the 17th of May. Have you ever seen such a beautiful face before?




    In june I went on my first couples holiday ever. Never thought I would survive camping with the boyfriend for a long weekend. As it turns out – a long weekend wasnt enough and I fell in love with the english seaside. IMG_0400


    Hours were spent in the garden with the housemates – gardening, drinking, talking about life and just enjoying the few days we had of sun.

    IMG_9914 IMG_0085


    August was spent in Norway catching up with friends and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I cant believe how beautiful this place can be.



    What a busy month this was, and it didnt help that I was sick twice. I trained it to Paris for some quality time with some amazing people, then rushed back to London before the boyfriend and I headed off for yet another amazing camping trip.

    IMG_0694 IMG_0794


    Believe it or not, I had the flu for most of October and it made me miss halloween this year 🙁 The boyfriend and I went to see Fluffy at the hammersmith apollo. I never laughed so hard in my life. Sadly we werent allowed to take any pictures there. I also flew home to Norway for a quick weekend.



    I dont know where November went! Between SalonQp, christmas planning and Cecilie and Oda coming to London it was such a busy month! It was also an important month because I started blogging again.

    Look at these beauties! (Im so lucky to have people like them in my life!)



    Which brings us to December

    I spent December drinking a lot of champagne, shopping, going to events, wrapped a frick loads of presents, opening presents, seeing beautiful people and eating lots of food – and not to forget, making lots and lots of fudge.

    IMG_4336_LR IMG_1907 IMG_4751 IMG_4878


    Thank you 2015, you’ve been great!!

    I hope your 2015 has brought you lots og joy and happiness, and if it hasnt I hope its given you strength. In two days a new year starts, a new chance, a new beginning. Make each day worth it, however small the gesture might be. I know I cant wait to see what 2016 has to offer! <3

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