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    Filthy animals

    Today I accomplished something I haven’t done in a while. Today I woke up drunk. It brought back some glorious memories of my days at uni when Charlotte and I spent 10 days in a party haze and only sobered up to drive home to get to work a Saturday morning at 7am. Such rebellions, but as Dorothy says, somebody’s gotta raise a little hell. Which is btw like my favorite song at the moment! You should check it out watch?v=rmYyPcEQKU4

    Last nights christmas party went luckily unpublished on social media, which I think is very lucky on my part, as I am proud to say it involved downing a Le Fizz cocktail and dancing on the dinner table at Circus like the filthy animals we are.

    Arn’t you proud of me mom?! 😀

    Alas no rest of the wicked, and there are designs that erm need designing. Is it socially acceptable to eat a pint of Ben&Jerry’s at work? Hello hangover cravings. I gotta admit, I am a little ashamed that we are on the 7th of December and I havent really shared any christmas goodies with you. Dont worry though, there is a festive little treat coming tomorrow about how to buy a secret santa presents – cause I am basically the boss at it. In the mean time you can check out my last years post about the best movies to watch if you arent ready to embrace the christmas movies yet, the best way to decorate AND assemble a gingerbread house, and some cheeky present ideas for her  

    Later babes!




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    That jacket though

    Ok so lets try this posting thing again shall we?
    On of the hot trends of this season (for like the last 3 years) has been denim jackets with borg lining. I have probably been to every high street store in London, and browsed every online store, that ships to the UK in the search for the perfect one. I wanted one that wasn’t too short, baggy but yet fitted. One I could squeeze a knitted jumper under if it gets too cold. And one that had a stone washed colour. Huge bonus would also be if it didn’t end up costing me an arm and a leg. So you know, not asking for much!


    I found this little beauty at River Island, who is currently, in my option SMASHING it this season with their collection. This jacket doesnt have a full borg lining, its pretty much just what you see in the picture and that suits me perfectly! I also gotta add that NewLook is doing a BEAUT of a denim jacket which was also high on my list… I just cant justify having two… or can I?

    img_0233 img_0224

    I paired it with this super versatile and work friendly black swing dress from ASOS which has become a staple in my wardrobe and can be dressed or dressed up, as well as my trusty FjallRaven backpack (which every scandinavian, and wannabe scandinavian should own) and some beat up old Nike Roshe. Keeping it casual on a whole new level! I wore this outfit to work, and it was like the perfect work attire. You just cant beat a LBD!

    img_0238 img_0207

    The jacket you can find here, and some similar versions from New Look here (which to be honest was basically in my hand on the way to the till as its got lining all the way through!) and, Topshop here . The black swing dress is still available from ASOS here


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    [Seriously] Good times

    When I was a little girl I had a huge obsession with mayo. No joke, it went on everything! Along side ketchup but thats a different story… I remember it got so bad at one point my mom would have to hide the mayo in fridge so I couldn’t find it, or I would throw myself over it like a savaged beast and just go crazy. Now that I think of it, my inner fat kid now makes total sense.. although my obsession has digressed over the years, mainly due to the fact that its not acceptable from a diet or adult point of view to put mayo on everything, its still close to my heart.


    So when Golin invited me to their Heinz Seriously Good Spoonful event, I wasn’t exactly gonna say no. The event was to showcase their new campaign, challenging wannabe foodie influencers and top bloggers to create a seriously good meal with a twist. The meal had to feature Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise as a an ingredient and fit on a single spoon. Just typing that makes my inner mayo heart fluttered with glee at the thought of consuming spoonfuls of delicious food. The event was held at IceTank in London, and judged by food stylist Nico Ghirlando, Heinz spokesperson Andy Bacon, by food critic William Sitwell. The latter giving me a serious case of celeb butterflies being the massive MasterChef fan that I am.

    The event was beautifully decorated with blue light, clever ways of displaying the dishes and voting jars, letting you drop in golden spoons in the ones you found your favourites! I fell in love with a black forrest brownie recipe that Im still dreaming about…

    img_9912-copy img_9910-copy img_9913-copy img_9915-copy img_9921-copy img_9920-copy img_9916-copy img_9926-copy img_9936-copy img_9937-copy img_9946-copy

    I got to taste so must tasty food, leaving with a full belly and a goodie bag filled with mayo and new recipes to try. I cant wait to try the challenge my self! Dont worry, I will of course be sharing it with you guys! 😉

    img_0009 img_9952-copy img_0012 img_9926-copy

    Thanks to Golin and Heinz for having me! It was a blast!

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    Work work work work that body!

    Hey guys! Silent Bob here! Just kidding…

    A few days ago I shared my goals for September with you. One of them being finding a new local gym. You can read about the rest of my goals here, but today I wanna talk about goal number 3 on the list. I mean, it’s well and great Im blogging about sorting my shit out, but I kinda actually have to do it as well.


    Thankfully Fusion Lifestyle and Flock Creative sorted me right out and sent me off for a day of fun at their centers. First I was off to my first Body Blast class at Brentford Leisure Center. Excited and a little bit scared, I rocked up my first class after giving myself a mental pep talk, reassuring myself that I hadn’t bitten off more than I can chew.

    Body Blast runs every Friday and Saturday morning and is held by the lovely instructor Sue. This woman is incredible. Seriously, I have never seen anybody who gives so much in a class and has so much energy. It was really contagious and it made me just want to push more ( I mean sweat more).  The class is a combination of Aerobics and BodyPump. A new one for me, who is a huge lover of BodyPump and I gotta say,  I am converted! Thank you so much Fusion Lifestyle and Flock Creative for introducing me to Body Blast! I love it!

    The class was so much fun the hour flew by.  If I wasn’t dripping in sweat I wouldn’t even notice I was working out! Now that’s quite the accomplishment if you ask me. I got so sucked into it, I completely forgot to document it. Which means, unfortunately, all you get is me post-workout all sweaty. I ended my day of gymming at Chiswick New pool splashing around in their pool, relaxing in their steam room and sauna. Feeling so relaxed and mellow afterwards, all I wanted to do was snuggle up in a duvet.



    Brentford Leisure Center, run by Fusion Lifestyle, is huge and there is something for everybody there. You can literally do a whole family day out there and not run out of stuff to do. They offer indoor badminton courts, indoor basketball courts, indoor cycling studio, indoor netball court, leisure pool, short mat bowls, soft play, sports hall, squash courts, swimming pool, trampolines, volleyball courts AND it’s a gym, with gym facilities and exercise classes. Get this though, a gym membership is under £40 a month. Under £40 a month for all that?! Shut the front door! If you’re worried about committing, because commitment is scary (and we all remember that episode of Friends when Chandler tries to quit the gym) you can pay a day price. Varied based on what kind of access you want so that you can give it a little taste. Check out their site here and do yourself a favour and pop by!

    If Brentford Leisure Center isn’t quite withing your reach, Fusion Lifestyle has gyms all over West London. Including Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre, Heston Pools and Fitness, Isleworth Leisure Centre & Library and New Chiswick Pool just to name a few!

    To give you an idea of how pumped I was after the class, I decided to share with you my inner Popeye pose.





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    Blog post number 105 and bardot dresses

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate that this is blog post number 105? I mean, A – who would have ever thought I would make it to 105? B – and who would have ever thought I had enough to say to fill, not one but one hundred and five blog posts?! Not me. Who am I kidding, of course me! Have you met me? When do I ever stop talking?


    This 105 post marks something kinda new for me, embracing the life of a full-time blogger, because what else is there to do while I apply for work? – Anyway, I digress, I had a chance the other week to meet up with a fellow full-time blogger Lauren from Saharasplash for a little outfit shoot. A new experience to be mingling with the big leagues!



    It also gave me the chance to bring out this absolute bargain of a dress. The bardot style is rather new to me but one I love love love. I mean seriously, who knew shoulders could be so flattering and well sexy? I didn’t!

    IMG_8961 IMG_8973  It’s just a great way to show a little skin, without being vulgar, and boobie. Because that is a thing! It’s so flattering (especially for us boobie girls) you could even get it in a smaller size cause the fabric gives a little.


    But the best thing about this dress is that it’s only £13!!!! Yes you read right £13! With a price tag like that, even us unemployed losers can afford to treat ourselves once in a while.  Where you might ask? Primark my dear. This sweet little bargain of joy is a such a steal I cant help but smile. Just look at the picture below. You cant fake shit like that.


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    Guys, guess what? IT’S BANKHOLIDAY WEEKEND!
    Hello tan, hello sun, hello booze and most of all, hello all you deliciously sexy BBQ food. Get in my mouth! Seriously in weather like this,what else are long weekends for? As life of unemployment trickles on (do you like how I have basically shoehorned that in, in every blog post for the past 3 weeks? Just incase you had forgotten) I have started to get my days a little mixed up. Every day is a bank holiday to me now and I feel like I can’t really appreciate the gloriousness that is a long weekend. However, I’m not taking this sun for granted so I was super duper happy when Lauren and I had the opportunity to attend a Marinade Masterclass with Golin PR, Heinz, and chef Josh Katz at BERBER & Q Grill House (known for their grilled whole cauliflower head) in East London.


    IMG_9428 IMG_9516 IMG_9421

    Josh Katz (the guy in the yellow hat above) has created some delicious dishes exclusively for Heinz, using Heinz sauces, #addalittlemagic and let me just tell you, my mouth waters just thinking about them. Not only did I get to stuff my face with them, I also got the chance to pick Josh’s brains on his best bbq tips as well as getting a chance to create the meals in a professional kitchen. DREAM COME FREAKIN TRUE for a massive foodie like me. I mean look at these pics, don’t I look like I should be a chef?  YES YES I DO! Also I look totes cute in my Heinz apron.

    DSC_0920 DSC_0919


    We smoked chicken, we blitzed the broccoli and we chargrilled some spring onions. It was hot, it was intense and it was exciting!


    #spicerackgoals #spicerackenvy


    It was a day of discoveries for me like I do not hate salad cream anymore. Which for those of you know me, know this is kinda huge AND get this, I had duck and I liked it. Hell, I LOVED IT. (Wow for a wannabe chef I am surprisingly picky!)

    I also discovered a few new Heinz favorites, like Heinz Peri Peri Sauce, and mustard with honey, AND OMG THE SWEET CHILLI, I just want it in and around my mouth.


    The food was absoluetly to die for. The chicken wings were finger lickin’ and I am so glad I get to share the recipe with you. So if you do anything this bank holiday weekend it should be making these chicken wings yourself!


    Heinz Peri Peri & Honey Glazed Smoked Chicken Wings

    For the rub- preferable to rub and marinade the day before

    1tsp Smoked Paprika
    1tsp Cayenne
    ½ tsp Cumin, ground
    1tsp Black Pepper, coarse

    For the marinade

    60ml Heinz Peri-Peri Sauce
    1tbsp Lemon Juice
    10ml Maple Syrup

    For the glaze- combine all together and heat on med/high before using on the wings

    150ml Heinz Peri-Peri Sauce
    90ml Clear Honey
    30ml Lemon Juice
    ½ tsp Black Pepper, coarse


    Grill the wings skin side up first. You want the grill HOT and you want to make sure you have the glaze ready with brush. You want glaze the wings, flip ’em, glaze ’em again, flip, glaze and then you are done 🙂


    I left full of inspiration, with a belly full of food and a bag of delicious Heinz Sauces I couldn’t wait to get home and try. Thank you so much to the team at Golin, Berber Q, Josh Katz, and Heinz for such a wonderful  day at the marinade masterclass with Heinz!


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    Wearin’ sunglasses too

    Sponsored post


    Ladies and gentleman, I am about to share with you a huge secret. The secret of one of the benefits of life of unemployment. Can you guess it? It is that you have all the time in the world to attend mid-week blog events. And you can spend hours trying to perfect your outfit. And makeup. Like contouring. Who has time for that shit? I do! No wonder all my favorite bloggers look so fabulous!


    So you spend all this time putting stuff together just to realise all your outfits suck because you are not a natural fashion icon. So to show a middle finger to all those who say curvy (love handle) girls can’t wear bodycon dresses I threw on this little treat of a Primark dress that cost a whopping £10. I tied a shirt around my waist in a desperate attempt to hide said love handles, put on some sexy shades and walked, no strutted out the door. Off I went to #ANEVENINGWITH organized by the River Island Studio.


    It’s not the dress I want to talk about though. It’s the shades. They are from a brand called Retro London, launched by Nicholas King (who designed for the likes of Chanel, John Galliano and Donna Karen!) and are part of their limited edition range where all profits go to Orbis whose treatments prevent avoidable blindness. Love supporting a good cause when I can 🙂

    Gifted by the lovely, you can now get them in the sale by clicking here! But hurry, they only have 3 pairs left of this model! And just so you know, Sunglasseshop offer free shipping in Norway (and the US, and Australia and the rest of Europe) and are vat registered! That means no extra hidden cost for you! Which if you live in Norway, and are a savvy online shopper you know this is kinda a big freaking deal.

    IMG_9298 IMG_9305

    Now excuse me while I strut my stuff in my awesome shades basically imagining I’m Demi Levato in ‘Cool for the summer’ to my bbq event with Heinz today. Speak to you laters peeps!



    Ps. Although these sunnies were gifted, the options and views of the product are my own.

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    Real Greek cookbook Giveaway

    This giveaway is sponsored by Blink Publishing and The Real greek.


    Guys, I have GREAT news. No, seriously they are really really great! I have totally won the lottery! Jokes, I wish though! No so the news it is actually that the aaaamazing people at Blink Publishing have given me a copy of the Real Greek cookbook, to give to one of you guys! How cool is that?! Oh and just in case you didn’t know this, this is actually my first giveaway so it’s KINDA a big freaking deal to me!

    Before you even stop to think if this is even worth entering I want you to take a moment and look at the pictures in this blog post right here. Now tell me you aren’t drooling. If you do, you are lying.

    I mean look at these deeeeeelish fried aubergines I made from the book. Yum YumIMG_8699 IMG_8726

    And then there was the peach and halloumi Salad.  Say whaaaaaat?
    Let me say that again, PEACH AND HALLOUMI SALAD!!


    and not to be forgotten, the delish roast pepper and feta dip that was so good it didn’t even make it into the photography stage. Rest in peace you beautiful thing. You tasted like heaven.

    So basically, you want this book. Hell, if you are a foodie, or just a person who you know, eats food, you need this book and its super simple. Since greek food is all about eating together all you gotta do is

    1. Tag two friends you would like to eat a greek meal with on Instagram


    2. Share this post on facebook here

    To double your chances, do both! Voila and you’re entered!

    Giveaway ends Monday 29th 🙂


    Thanks again to Blink Publishing and The Real Greek for gifting this book and sponsoring this post!

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    Just another manic monday


    Well not really. It might be Monday but for me, it’s certainly not manic… more like magic. This is kinda what I am loving at the moment, being a week into the life of unemployment. I love being the boss of my own time, my own schedule, my own life. Enjoying the sunshine, making healthy choices and pushing my body at the gym. I just feel so much like me right now, and its been a long time coming. Life is just so exciting right now, and I know this sounds like such a cliche but I just feel so freaking alive. The last week flew by, seriously just flew by. Which took me slightly by surprise, in a good way of course!


    There is also a lot of things happening on this blog this week which is making me so excited! I am hosting my first giveaway in collaboration with Blink Publishing and The Real Greek (so stay tuned for some awesome freebies!) – and this week it’s also Green Tea week on the blog! Because who doesn’t like feeling like they are super healthy while drinking something that usually taste of cod liver oil? Or is that just me? Anyway, this week I’m testing and sharing with you 3 of my favorite ways of using green tea in cooking. Sound good to you? Sounds great to me! Mostly because I love free stuff… (give me aaaalll the stuff)

    Also how cute is our kitchen?



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    Hey World: Day 3

    I bet you’re wondering if the high of my rebellious action of leaving my job has warn off. It hasn’t, and I am welcoming day 3 with open arms. It helps that the boyf has been around to keep me company. I was unsure how I’d feel today alone, fearing that the novelty would have worn off and I would be alone with my own thoughts.

    I have actually had the busiest 2 days of my life, I spent my first day running around London meeting with no less than 3 agents, and sending out my CV like it was going out of fashion. Seriously somebody hire me. Just kidding. Not really. I spent the next day cleaning the house, food prepping, checking out new local gyms, actually going to the gym and watching a ridiculous amount of come dine with me. Priorities on point? Check!

    Im still really tired though. For some reason my restless sleep has not gone, my mind is buzzing, and I am bubbling over with so much creativity again my brain wont shut the hell up. Seriously, last night I had to sleep on the sofa in fear of waking the boyf up with my tossing and turning. At one point, Im pretty sure he could hear my brain churning. I was planning on spending my day by the river in Richmond, but the sun doesn’t seem to be out today.  Typing this, perhaps I want to bake some Norwegian goodies and sort my cloths-on-floor situation out before the boyf goes apeshit over my ever growing pile of mess. Actually come to think of it, I should probably practice my flatlay photography. But realistically Ill probably just stay here in bed watching Pan and drinking my iced latte.

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

    Anyway, I figured this is like prime opportunity to blog, like loads. So beautes, what do you wanna read about? Tell me! Fashion, food, fitness, my random thoughts on life?

    oh PS so I have decided that this is the correct full time blogger attire. Glasses, dirty hair, leftover makeup and sweatpants.

    Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

    Peace Out

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