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    11 hours in London Bridge

    The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.

    I think all Londoners agree that out of all the seasons, London in the summer is definitely the best. People are buzzing from the extra vitamin D, and so excited to have a little bit of extra daylight to enjoy their afternoon in. London Bridge is the perfect area in London to soak up some sun, and feast your way through the day. I wanted to see how quickly I could fill my day with exploring the area with friends!

    10am – Breakfast at Borough Market

    London bridge borough market

    This isn’t a new find but there is a reason why people keep recommending it – when visiting London Bridge you should start your day with breakfast or brunch at Borough market, they have an incredible selection of tasty treats made by local independent companies. The delicious smells are intoxicating and you can find anything from fresh watermelon slices and spicy curries to handcrafted delicate French pastries.

    london bridge borough market
    london bridge borough market

    There is currently a heatwave in London and my favorite find has been the iced English breakfast tea. It’s so refreshing!

    12pm – The Science Gallery

    After an hour of munching on the best Borough Market has to offer, we ventured down to The Science Gallery. It opened in August 2018 just a few steps from the Shard and is an awesome new edition to the area. The museum is described as where science meets art. It also has free entry! Right now there is an exhibition called Dark Matter on and it’s a bit mind blowing 🙂

    london bridge science gallery

    I’m not gonna give away too much of the Dark Matter exhibition because you really need to experience it for yourself, however, I had to share this little snippet. This is one of the installations, and it’s by a South American artist. This is actually two different spiderwebs, created by two different spiders and it´s just incredible what nature can do!

    London bridge science gallery
    london bridge science gallery

    If one museum isn’t enough for you, I also recommend checking out the Fashion and Textile museum down Bermondsey Street and the Old Operating Theater Museum by Borough market!

    2pm – Drinks and lunch at Vinegar Yard

    If you were a fan of the old Camden market you will love this new addition to the London Bridge area! We randomly stumbled across it on our way to lunch and we ended up changing our lunch plans. It’s busy, but not overcrowded. You will find a seat even on a sunny Friday afternoon and you won’t find the tourist mass you encounter at Borough Market. No, Vinegar Yard is more for the locals who live and work around London Bridge and I love it! Just look for the Blue moon van with the giant red ants!

    There is street food, a flea market, a prosecco van and even a flower wall! There is also an indoor area, decorated in a cool industrial style, perfect for those days when the sun isn’t gracing London with its presence. We ended up spending a lot more time here than planned, it just has such a chilled vibe.

    london bridge vingar yard
    Vingar yard
    Vingar yard

    8pm – Dinner at Duddells

    If you haven’t guessed it yet, London Bridge is the place to be if you are a foodie like me! Another great new find is Duddells, a newly opened Cantonese restaurant. Duddles is hidden in a restored old church next to the Old Operating Theater Museum. I first noticed it on my way to Borough market for breakfast, chasing those pastries! Thinking it was just an old church I had to look twice to see the sign outside which is done in keeping with the style of the church. The food is delicious, and if you are looking for an opportunity to treat yo’self this is London Bridge at its finest. The decor is so Instagram worthy, it turns anybody into a wannabe influencer!


    We topped off a great day in London Bridge with some of the chef’s recommendations and a chilled glass of rose. Finishing our dinner at 10pm, filled with new memories and delicious food!


    If you are looking for more London tips – check out my post on how to survive London as a tourist!

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    Spring Cleaning

    I’m not gonna lie, landing in London realizing there is a heatwave going on was not a bad surprise. Having just left Norway and have been super lucky with the weather, I was all too happy continuing on my bare leg trend. Every woman has one part of their body they are proud of and to me, it’s my legs. I honestly think I have a cracking pair of pins and I love showing them off just a little bit tanner. Sue me.

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    Makeup Obsession

    I give up on the whole Tuesday tip thing. I can never stick to it and before I know it, it’s Wednesday night and no blog post has gone up.

    Or like Thursday…

    So whateves, I’m being rebellious, I can recommend you stuff whenever I want! I will not let my tips be controlled by days of the week starting with T! Power to the people!

    ..No YOU need to get a life!

    So while Hannah Gale is getting sent free GHD stuff and Danielle Vanier is strutting her stuff at Dune’s SS17 press day, I’m just over here hijacking any event I can. Because let’s face it, if not I’d still be swearing to the bodyshop brow shadow. Lolz

    Which I realized I first started using 10(!!!) years ago – before brows on fleek were a thing

    The lastest event I decided needed to be graced with my presence was the launch of the new Makeup Obsession range, currently exclusive to Boots. It was a rather quick stop by, as I feared if they looked too closely at my face they would realize that my makeup was in fact 12 hours old. I’m always so prepared that way haha





    Brought to you by Tam Beauty (who own Makeup Revolution), the idea is simple really. You buy yourself an empty palette box, and fill it by picking your favorite colors in shadows, blushes, highlighters and contour swatches.  A customized palette to fit your lifestyle and your personality! It’s brilliant really – if you’re not a greedy little blogger like me and ideally want a palette box for each….which you can easily do as each swatch starts at £2! How cheap is that for an eyeshadow?! Did I mention the colors are quite beautiful too?  I took the opportunity to venture out from my usual comfort zone in shadow colors and went for something a little different and I am in love love love. It’s quickly become my go to palette. In fact, it’s the only palette I am using at the moment actually… Curious? Check them out here – come to think of it, this makes a pretty amazing Christmas present!


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    How to rock pale legs

    I think it’s safe to say summer my dears is officially well and truly over. And you know how I know? By my reduced interest in self-tanning. Now that the sun has been replaced with wind and rain, I don’t feel so bad showing off my ghostly white legs


    Look here is even a close-up! With my tassleastic bag from Zara


    img_0409 img_0439

    My whole outfit, well besides my bag and shoes and watch I found in H&M. The skirt is probably one of my favorites. Perfect on its own, or under short dresses. I think I paid something like £9! They don’t have it online but I am sure you can find it in any H&M store 🙂



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