Turkey day movies

    If you’re not quite ready to jump on the christmas movie wagon but still wanting some festiveness to entertain you may I suggest digging out these great thanksgiving movies. They have been playing in the background while I work so far this week (dont tell my boss). They are also available to stream on Netflix.

    1 .Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    This movie is hilarious!

    2. Dutch

    Ed O’Neill from Modern family and Married with Children is in this. You know its gonna be funny!

    3. Rocky

    Absolute classic!

    4. Addams Family Values

    Its a sequel I know, but a damn good thanksgiving sequel. And just look how tiny Christina Ricci is!

    5. The Nut Job

    Although this movie isn’t directly a Thanksgiving flick, it’s set in the wintertime and is all about a hilarious caper to get more food. Who dosent want more food?!


    Hope everybody is having a great turkey day! Happy thanksgiving 🙂 xx


    Being a christmas expert vol. 1

    34 days and counting people, to christmas that is. I think I enjoy the countdown to christmas more than I enjoy christmas it self. Just kidding, I freaking love christmas. So much that I take pride in the fact that I start my christmas planning in September. (Dont worry, the decorations, songs and movies dont come out until December 1st). For the past 5 years however due to limited funds I have been making my own presents, which hands down were so crap they looked like a 5 year old made them. My kid brothers make better crap than I do. I tried to tell myself it’s the thought that counts. I can totally channel my inner Martha Stewart. Turns out – I cant.  So heres a long overdue shout out to my loved ones that still  gave me decent xmas presents in return.

    Times they are changing though and seeing as I now believe I’m basically P Diddy, I’ve decided to splash the cash and actually give people presents they dont want to throw away. I obviously cant tell you exactly what Im giving people because they might read my blog because then your present will be better than mine, and we cant have that. So here are 9 of the items that didn’t make the cut this year – but are still pretty good present options.


    1.Here 2. Here 3. Here 4. Here 5. Here 6. Here 7. Here 8. Here 9. Here

    According to every ‘lifestyle&fashion’ blog out there, this is the appropriate way
    of displaying christmas present suggestions. Did I do this right?



    Am I too old for this s*%$! ?

    I think the last time I blogged was in November 2012 or was it 2013? I wrote a tearful goodbye to someone and then I left. Having started blogging in 2007, when blogging just had become a thing. Back when young girls weren’t getting plastic surgery just so they could flaunt their half naked bodies while advising on diet supplements to even younger girls and getting a years wage thrown at them for every selfie they uploaded, back when every fashion blogger wasnt a part time model and photoshopping was mostly left to the pros. When did bloggers become mini celebs?

    If you read my blog back then I can guess what you’re thinking, my posts were relatively sporadic and often few and far between. This is true, although 20 year old me would have loved to earn money on my blogging I realise that subconsciously I wasn’t putting in enough effort to make it big because at the end of the day I was blogging for me. To get my thoughts out. However frantic and uncoordinated they might be. I think also I was pretty crap. The level of crapness might not have improved but now I’m back, as Yasmine 2.0. No longer complaining about how society is build around couples or what the biggest drunken mistake of that week was. Welcome to the healthy me, the slightly less insane me, the non student version of me.

    But most of all, welcome to the happy me.




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