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    A little blog news

    Hey sasspots

    and happy Monday! I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I guess you are used to that by now! You know me, quality vs quantity over on this blog 😉

    but alas here I am, with a little blog related update for you!


    Checked blazer and denim skirt

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    8 years in England

    Suede biker jacket and culottes

    I’m not entirely sure where time has gone but ladies and gentleman it is in fact 8 years this month since I moved to England.

    Don’t worry, I’m feeling mega old now too. SORRY MOM!

    The years have literally flown by and although I don’t know if will be spending the next 8 years here, I do look back at the past years with some mixed feelings. They have been 8 great years, they have been hard, they have been sad and they have been life-changing. I have made some amazing friends, made some enemies and met people I don’t even remember.

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    Stuffed mushrooms with pesto

    I’m sorry if this post’s heading made you drool but come on, can you think of anything tastier than mushrooms stuffed with pesto AND cheese?! I kinda died when I came across this recipe. I mean ALL THE CHEESE, and pesto and mushrooms and pine nuts and seriously I could eat it all.


    Stuffed mushroom with courgette

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    September goals

    Hola chicken pot pies!

    Ok I really need to work on my sassy, female empowering nick names. But roll with me!

    I can’t believe we are already in September. I’m kinda feeling like the English weather at the moment. Sorta not over with summer but kinda not ready for chunky knits and scarfs. Soz chunky knits, you are forever in my hearts!

    September goals

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    Leaving my job: One year on

    They say time flies when you’re having fun. These past 365 days have just disappeared. To the point, I hadn’t even realized a year had already passed. A whole year since I made the craziest, stupidest, biggest and best decision of my life.


    Just over a year ago I handed in my notice and walked out of a full-time job into… well into nothing.

    How to leave your full-time job Leaving my full-time job - One year later


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    GBBO and white chocolate pretzels

    Happy Tuesday Ssasspots! Hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend 🙂

    I know there has been a lot of food related content on the blog recently, but that’s the great thing about being a lifestyle blogger. I’m sharing parts of my everyday life, and if you know me, you know food is a huge part of my life! Another little guilty pleasure of mine is baking, and although I have never allowed myself to get swept up by GBBO (that done by choice btw, I’d be glued to the tv if I did!) I thought I would get you all warmed up with a little treat seeing as the new season starts in an hour!

    white chocolate party pretzels


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    3 ingredient Berry Smoothie

    When it comes to smoothie making, I’m not gonna lie I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are MILLIONS of smoothie recipes out there and they are getting more and more complex. Like I don’t have a stash of flax seed just chilling around… Nor do I always have a variety of non-dairy milk kicking about in the fridge and I can pretty much guarantee you that if we buy bananas, they don’t make it to the freezer.

    So, If you’re feeling the same – this post my dears is for you!

    National Allotment Week Kenwood Berry Smoothie

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    Bakers vs fakers event – Decorating the Ice Dream Cake

    Happy Sunday babes!

    Where has the weekend gone? Although I am not complaining, I’m a sucker for a chilled Sunday snuggled under a blanket binging Netflix! As I am typing this, I am just polishing off the last piece of cake from last weeks event. You might have seen it over on my Instagram, or twitter. I mean it’s kinda difficult to ignore this bad boy – and as a little treat, I have included the recipe at the end of the post – The Ice Dream Cake!

    BakersvsFakers cake decorating

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    A little trip to the seaside

    Hello beautiful people!

    This post comes a little late but hey ho.

    We have just closed the book on pre season camping for the year (Ok so more like 3 weeks ago now but ya know) and I thought it would be fitting to show you pictures from our most recent trip and by pictures I mean, my first seaside adventure outfit post!

    Seaside adventure outfit

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    Charlotte Tilbury bargain

    When it comes to makeup I like to think I have one foot in each camp. I love me some smokey dramatic eyeshadow and some bold lipstick – statement makeup all the way. Then again, I am also a huge fan of natural subtle makeup that enhances a person’s natural beauty. It’s classy, it’s elegant and most importantly it cuts my morning routine in like half. So I wanted to share with you my go to Charlotte Tilbury palette!

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