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For those of you who dont know, about 4 years ago I decided to change my life around and get my fatt ass off the sofa. I started eating healthy, working out and cut back on the drinking.  Although I currently dont see a huge difference in myself although people tell me differently. I feel a lot different. I feel healthy, strong and happy. Now that the holidays are approaching I know a lot of people are the same boat as me, how to keep active when you’re not around a gym. Its important to use what you have. Personally I love running, so I usually bring my running shoes with me on holiday. (Even if I dont end up using them as often as I intend to at least they are with me). However, if youre not a keen runner or just want something extra, body weight exercises are easy to do, outside or in your own home. Ive also decided not to photoshop my pictures, I might still be a chunky monkey but I am not ashamed of my body, after all it’s come pretty far in 4 years.

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One of my favourites are squats. I remember I once did a 200 squat challenge, having never done squats before and I haven’t regretted it since. If you want to add some extra to it, squat jumps are a killer but oh so good!

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Another love is lunges. I have struggled with a weak knee for ages and I find lunges extra challenging but also very satisfying when I dont fall over.

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Right people, my absolute HATE is triceps. I build leg muscle very quickly but sadly its the complete opposite for my upper body. None the less its so important to push through doing the tings you dont like.

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This work out is incredible, not only does it target your glutes but also your abs. Its a GREAT workout. I could do with working on my form a little I see.

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I hope you find some of these helpful! If you want too see more at home or outdoor work out tips feel free to leave a comment and I will post more 🙂

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